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Ra's Awakening Mushroom

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Ra's Awakening Mushroom

A type of Mushroom.

Copied from Tale 3 wiki, Ra's Awakening known spawn time: 3:00am-4:30 ( pretty sure it's 3:30-4:30 ~cheos) Location/Info: Spawns in pairs, on sandy hills. Similar to 's Bread. (This information is incorrect at least sometimes. I have found more than 15 in spreed out sandy AND GRASSY hills - Endours; I can concur, I found them spread out over sand, grass and mountains in large numbers, I managed to collect 68 before they 'poofed' with at least 10 more in sight - Tobid)

File:Ras Awakening.png
Ra's Awakening Mushroom



Required By

Botanical Identification, Toxin Extraction