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Razor's Edge Mushroom

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Razor's Edge Mushroom

A type of Mushroom. Copied from Tale 3 wiki, Razor's Edge Location/Info: Similar to previous tales Known Spawn Time: 2:46-4:21 Location/Info: Found on or near steep cliffs. Can spawn in large or small groups. Tale 1 Known Spawn Time: 2:46am-4:21am Tale 1 Location/Info: deep narrow valleys, or near very steep, almost vertical mountains, spawns of 3 to 80+, often unreachable

Razor's Edge Mushroom

2379, 2289 Peret IV-12 at 4:00am


34 found at 1637, -372 in Northern Saqq. on Shemu III-20 at 3am.


Required By

Arsenic, Toxin Extraction