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IMPORTANT: "Left" and "Right" are based on the statue's point of view! If you're facing the statue, the "left pillar" will be on the right, and so forth.

A Common Altar is a public structure that serves as the center of many rituals performed in the game. Weddings and the Principles of Worship, to name two, involve altar rituals. Fortunately, the Egyptian government has provided its people with a great many Common Altars, and in populated areas there is nearly always one or more not far away.

Soft music can be heard when standing next to a Common Altar.

Using a Common Altar

An altar has five components: the base, two focuses, and two pillars.

Clicking on the base of an altar gives the option to "Meditate", a component of many rituals.

Objects can be placed on, and removed from, the left and right pillars and the left and right focuses. Such actions are also an important part of rituals.


These are known Common Altar locations. To add new ones, please click here.

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