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Events/Airship Flotilla 1

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SETi Presents: Airship Flotilla Fun Flight

Flight Update

We had a fantastic flight south along the Nile starting from the bridge at RP CS. We spotted arch dig sites from the air and had great views of Funerary Temples and Megalopolis structures along the route. We flew to SWorship in RP at The Point area. Fireworks greeted the flyers and players who followed along the shoreline.


note: because the flight was strung out along the Nile if I missed anyone's name please add it to the list
  • Amanti
  • dedenav
  • ella
  • Heterika
  • KalmKitty
  • LadyKaytay
  • Rhaom
  • Robby
  • Sabiah
  • Sheba
  • SubiraDaktar
  • Styx
  • Windsong
  • Zhukuram

Thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying the event.


date: March 18 2017

time: 4pm Eastern (after Festivals)

duration: 1 hour

Starts at River Plains CS / Nile River

Event Details


Come out for the Airship Flotilla of the Egyptian Spring and see the massed gathering of airships!

Airship owners will meet at the River Plains CS Nile and launch their airships to float along the Nile (In the direction the wind is blowing at the time). We will float along the Nile for 1 hour or until we reach the next CS area (Midland Valley or Seven Lakes).

Spectators can run along the river side to watch the bumping and colliding as the airships bumble their way along the river.

Whether you own one to fly or just want to see the great armada of Egypt floating along the Nile, everyone is welcome to come along.

Come on out for a massed gathering of airships!

[note: there are no prizes except a lot of fun will be had along the way]


(thanks to Google Translate)

Sortez de la Flottille de dirigeable de l'printemps égyptien et voir le rassemblement massé des dirigeables!

Propriétaires Airship se réunira sur le Nil plaines de la rivière CS et de lancer leurs dirigeables pour flotter le long du Nil (Dans le sens le vent souffle à l'époque). Nous allons flotter le long du Nil pendant 1 heure ou jusqu'à ce que nous arrivons à la prochaine zone de CS (Midland Valley ou Sept Lacs).

Les spectateurs peuvent courir le long du côté de la rivière pour regarder la procédure de supplantation et entre en collision que les dirigeables bumble leur chemin le long de la rivière.

Que vous possédez un de voler ou tout simplement envie de voir la grande flotte d'Egypte flotter le long du Nil, tout le monde est bienvenu pour venir le long.

Sortez pour un rassemblement de masse des dirigeables!

[note: il n'ya pas de prix sauf beaucoup de plaisir, il sera fait le long du chemin]