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Events/Fishing for Pharaoh

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Note: I was not here for this event but copied what I could from the System logs. Please update as needed (especially prizes) - Tesa


Event 1:

  • Biggest Fish Caught: Phagrus
  • Top Place: MrE, Ross, Tedra, Lilyoptra, RessRuby, OneBanana, amron, Puffs, Pauli, Sissue, Anulikah, Malloc, Wimsankh, dedenav, Roit, brucette and ImACartoon all with 14db (prizes given out randomly)
  • Cut off was 21 with 13 db. (prizes given out randomly)

Lottery Prize: Airship (ninfa)

50 participants, 3 hour event


Event 2:
No serpentfish were caught, so prizes were given out in the category of biggest fish.

Lottery Prize: Airship (xasis)

75 participants, 3 hour event