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Events/Race of the Phoenix

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SCHU's priests at Memphis have advised Pharaoh to improve the cross country navigation skills of his people. A timed race across the burning sands of Egypt to visit the breeding grounds of the fabled bird also celebrates the coming season of rebirth.

Each destination point will be notified during the event. The first 20 players to click on the Phoenix Stadium will receive mini Phoenix Models. Collect as many statues as you can. Collect the full set of seven different statues for a chance at an additional prize.

Remember, SETESH is always looking for a way to interfere with SCHU's plans!

There are seven different Models:


Category: Total Top prize will be one Basic Terrarium Set Top 7 will each receive 10 Cuttable Sunstone Top 21 will each receive 1 Queen Ant

Category: Kind Top place will receive one Beachcomber Flyrod Top 7 will receive one Pepper Seed strange Ra's Fire each

Participation prize will be 50 Potash each

Lottery - an Emerald Light Box will be awarded by lottery.

Special stadium goody will be 10 Gravel (100 gravel was awarded to the first 20 taggers at each tower)

Tower sequence

The targeted tower was announced in the event channel every 20 minutes

  • Desert of Shades -658, 2316
  • Cradle of the Sun 4121,-1083
  • Sinai 3618, 4766
  • Old Egypt 833, 6922
  • Cat's Claw Ridge -576, 6811
  • Four Corners 73, 4129
  • Desert of Nomads 2070, 6785
  • Lake of Reeds 4252, 7315
  • River Plains 1571, 2293
  • Seven Lakes 1709, -928
  • Cat's Claw Ridge -240, 6419
  • South Egypt 1317,-6024
  • Sinai 3095, 5054
  • Midland Valley 1150, 4642
  • River Plains 1063, 2354
  • Seven Lakes 1657, -1300
  • South Egypt 525, -5660
  • River Plains 1507, 4106
  • Valley of Kings -2654, 7125
  • Valley of Kings -1902, 7131
  • South Egypt 1139, -5138
  • Hinterlands 1976, 2899
  • Old Egypt 1145, 7076
  • Lake of Reeds 4620, 7512
  • Valley of Kings -2378, 7435
  • Midland Valley 875, 5228
  • Cradle of the Sun 4641, -739
  • Sinai 3378, 4390
  • Seven Lakes 800, -976
  • Old Egypt 1079, 6747

(This is where the game calendar and system channel indicated the end of the event. The event continued however and the subsequent targeted towers were not logged and had scrolled off the in game event channel chat befre they could be added to this list. There probably should be a total of 36 or 37 towers in this list, unless every Phoenix tower in Egypt was eventually targeted as the event apparently continued for at least 4 more hours.)

Other Event Info

  • We were limited to using no more than 10 hours of travel time this Tale.
  • Spousewarp was available
  • You had the option to withdraw your spouse but then could not warp to them.
  • It was proposed to last 12 hours but ended up lasting until every Phoenix Stadium was announced.


(An unedited log of the in game event channel)

nikara: [02h56m] whwn event stops you will wind your prize in your pockets, inc ase any problem, the prizes will be destributed by SCHU himself
nikara: [02h55m] last tale one event was to collect as much wood as possible to brun SETESH, like you seee it didn't work very well, thee vent yes but SETESH is still under us
nikara: [02h54m] winner report
nikara: [02h51m] categorie kinds
nikara: [02h51m] top place with 7 are Augir, Challen, Tedra, DarkBlue, Astia, Lizzi, YendorSalve, Qwu, Min, Somebob, Roi, Hemptwister LightBlue and Yendor
nikara: [02h51m] remember more than several winners of prizes the prize will be given out randomly
nikara: [02h51m] cut off 21 is with 6
nikara: [02h47m] categorie total
nikara: [02h47m] top palce with 26 is Neena
nikara: [02h47m] seocnd place is with 24 Yendor
nikara: [02h47m] third place is with 23 Somebob
nikara: [02h47m] top seven are Porthose and LightBlue (20), YendorSlave (18) and Qwu (17)
nikara: [02h47m] cut off 21 is with 12
DeepSkyBlue: [02h47m] Ants are fragile. How long is it going for?
nikara: [02h45m] in case a anth died ...... dead ant can be exchanged, please chat me
DeepSkyBlue: [02h45m] When is the event ending?
nikara: [02h45m] Good question...... i am hopefully when SETESH is not stopping himself Pharaoh wil have the power to stop him
dymo: [02h45m] as soon as we find kill and dismember SETESH
nikara: [02h44m] may be banning would be enough......... but difficult to find him
[02h41m] The Race of the Phoenix has ended.
nikara: [02h41m] so SCHU hopes all winners are patient.......
nikara: [02h41m] prizes will bestashed in pockets only after the event ends
nikara: [02h41m] in case any problems send a chat
nikara: [02h41m] all players a deep prayer...... event is ended
LightBlue: [02h40m] Thank you
nikara: [02h40m] and i may announce also the lottery prizes
nikara: [02h39m] Emerald Light Box is won by tjutenkamen
Challen: [02h39m] Wasn't it a special prize for getting all 7?
nikara: [02h38m] no all categories were categorie total with tp prize, top seven and top 21
nikara: [02h38m] and categorie kinds top prize and top seven
OneBanana: [02h37m] pats nikara on the bavk and thanks her very much for all of her effort again ;)
dymo: [02h37m] will the top 21 be listed?
nikara: [02h37m] if you want i amy give out 21 of categorie total
nikara: [02h34m] top 21 Min, Pameow, Hamptwister lizzi, Raia, Balthazar, Ninfa, DarkBlue,dymo, Avarelle, snoerr, Roi, Tjutenkamen, avaris
Challen: [02h34m] All I got was 50 potash for top place of all 7
nikara: [02h34m] in case a problem please chat me directly
BlueGrass: [02h28m] you have only given 14 names for the top 21
nikara: [02h27m] in  addition the top 7 are totaly 21
dymo: [02h27m] those 14 plus the top7 is 21
BlueGrass: [02h26m] only read up to the Race has ended
dymo: [02h24m] how many had 6 or more different did it turn into a lottery?
nikara: [02h14m] for the statistique 138 players partizipated the event
dymo: [02h13m] is that including SETESH? :p
nikara: [02h10m] in case any problems please chat me
Balthazarr: [02h08m] the stadium location did not go ion the log :-(
nikara: [01h54m] btw congratulation to all winners
dymo: [01h53m] Thank you Nika for protecting us from SETESH 
DarkBlue: [53m] Thank you Nikara
Balthazarr: [34m] just remember more free gravel means less croquet for everyone, so smile :-)
blondie: [33m] so it went on for a few hours? i went to sleep at 9am for nothing ;p