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Events/Werewolves on the Loose

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Werewolves on the Loose!!!!

October 28, 2016

Build a mortuary temple to participate in the fall holiday Werewolves on the Loose event.

The seasonal werewolves vs villagers where each side tries to outlast the other is ON!!!


First, you'll have 24 hours to build your Mortuary Temple (cost is 13 boards, 13 Slate, and 13 Bricks) which must be built within 100 coordinates of a Chariot Stop.

Those that sign up to play (by building a Mortuary Temple) are randomly split into Werewolves, Villagers and Seers.

 Don't reveal which one you are!

The game proceeds in night-day rounds of 30 minutes each. The first round takes place at night.

During Night Rounds

During the night werewolves are active. Werewolves can sniff a Mortuary Temple or their fellow player directly to get the scent (3 times per night) and also attack a player who's scent they have already gotten (once per night).

Any Villager whose scent has been picked up can be attacked. If 3 werewolves attack a Villager in the same night, the Villager dies.

Werewolves can recognize other Werewolves by scent, and may do this up to 3 times each day.

During Day Rounds

During a Day round the Villagers play. Each Villager gets one vote to lynch a suspected werewolf. Villagers get 1 votes per day, and can place them all on one werewolf, or spread them around. If a player gets 7 votes, they die and it is revealed whether they were a Werewolf.

A few Villagers are also Seers. Seers can check if a player is a werewolf, and they may use this special ability 7 times per day. Seers cannot vote.

New Character Types

  • Wolfman: This is a werewolf that the seers will see as a villager.
  • Lycan: This is a villager that the seers will see as a werewolf.
  • Cursed: You are villager, unless attacked by a werewolf, in which case you are turned into a werewolf.
  • Drunk: You are a villager until the third night, when you sober up and learn your real role.


Game ends when there have been no killings for 2 consecutive days.

If there remain more Villagers (including Seers), then the Villagers win, otherwise the Werewolves win.

Ghostly prizes will be awarded to only one side, and only to those that remain alive until the end.

Winner Report for 10/30/2016

Werewolf Kills

  • Silden 1
  • Anyolina 1
  • Zhukuram 1

Lottery Winners: Elixir of Travel (Glass)

Silden , Anyolina, Zhukuram

Lottery Winners: Portable Cornerstones

Zhukuram, Silden, Anyolina