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Events/Where oh Where are those Easter Eggs

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Hop to it! Wend your way over to Memphis! If you thought you saw a white rabbit zipping past your sight, you're right! Search in the bushes, look behind trees, eggs might be hidden in the leaves! That wily wabbit secrets his prized eggs in places you never imagined as he races. Tick, tock, look at your watch. A few hours is all you've got. Find an egg, find a prize, but don't tlet the minutes trickle away. Get ready, get set and Happy Holiday!

In event channel

  • An example to demonstrate the way easter eggs are hidden is in the inner court of the cp in Memphis. Click it and you may take a small prize.
  • 10 easter eggs are hidden in Pharoah's Garden. Each will have a small prize.
  • Multiple people can grab the same prize. Each hidden egg has one prize for each player.

Egg locations

  1. -2632, -6161, Silver
  2. -2509,-6255, Gold
  3. -2551, -6417 Gold at sheep
  4. -2526, -6389, Silver
  5. -2611, -6393, Gold & Silver
  6. -2489, -6292, Silver
  7. -2499, -6266, Gold
  8. -2565, -6351 Silver & Gold in cookpot
  9. -2575, -6231 Gold house on top of hill
  10. -2497, -6240 Silver & Gold on top of temple

"forgotten easter egg" under dock in middle of lake @ -2492 -6312 Silver

"forgotten easter egg" on little island at -2528, -6291 Gold

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