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Early Tale Festivals Prep

People have been asking about preparations that can be made for Festivals early in the tale, before the test opens. So, in preparation for Tale 8, here are some higher level skills you can polish! Of course, all this information is assuming that there will not be major changes to this test between tales. Demonstrating that Egypt was ready for Festivals during Tale 7 required a full year's worth of opening techs.

Successful preparation for the Test of Festivals has required players to be skilled in:

  • Alembic use (Ra)
  • Beer Brewing (Hathor and Osiris)
  • Cooking (Hathor)
  • Flower crossbreeding (Maat)
  • Indonesian Beehives (Bastet and Isis)
  • Paint Lab use (Bastet)
  • Silkworm Farming (Bastet)
  • Wine Making (Ra and Thoth)

Festivals Guild

The Festivals Guild has been established for the pursuit of the Test of Festivals.

The Guild is located at: 1373, 2942 in River Plains.

Membership is open. Apply at guildhall.

Festivals Gathering.jpg

Osiris Festival

Its time to get ready for Osiris....Let the brewing begin! You will have one entire week to test for Osiris and reset your requirements as needed to get a brewable beer.

  • Testing materials for Osiris: Item A: Flax (pillars), Item B: Barley (raw) (foci), and a partner to test with.
  • Ambrosia made of : oil and beer (keep reading)
  • Altar Set up: five kinds of actively growing crops, choose from: Cabbage, Leeks, Garlic, Onions, Carrots, Barley, Flax. "Ready to harvest" qualifies for this test

The majority of the beers for Osiris ambrosia will need to be individually brewed. This will take some time. To further complicate matters, there are beer flavor combinations (especially Spicy ones) that we have not yet discovered locations and recipes for. If this happens to you, please do a mini-festival to reset your requirements and test again.

"How do I know if my beer can be brewed?" Unfortunately, there is no beer database this tale. I have attempted to make a compact list of all the Osiris combinations, with notes about whether or not there is a known recipe. Results here.... Is there a recipe for this Osiris beer?
Here is the full listing of T7 actual beer recipes

"I want to help, but I've never brewed beer before" I have attempted to write a guide for first-time beer brewers, with instructions for brewing from a recipe . It needs some polishing, but the text is there. Peacefulness has a collection of beer kettles and small barrels that she is willing to loan to those who need them. Grains and honey are available at the Festivals camp for those who need supplies.

Resetting your Osiris requirements: Successfully participating in ANY festival (pleasing a god) resets your requirements for ALL gods, including Osiris. You can please a god every 16 hours. Once you receive the "Pleased" pop-up, you can test for Osiris and find out what he wants from you. You can do a mini-festival all by yourself to reset your requirements. Dragging another Egyptian along is recommended, since it makes testing easier. If three players participate in your mini-festival, everyone will gain "percent satisfaction" points for that god. Particularly easy gods to please include Isis, Maat, and Thoth, but premade goodies are available for all seven gods. Choose the one you need, and contact a festivals elder if you would like a hand. There are many players who do not have 100%, and even more who will participate in a mini-festival to help you out. Just ask!

So, you got an unbrewable beer for Osiris. You did a mini-festival and pleased a god to reset your requirements. You tested again. You have another unbrewable beer. (Sorry about your luck!) Wait at least 16 hours and do another mini-festival. You have the entire week to repeat this process as needed. Start early, reset every day, and retest after each god pleased.

We CAN do this, and determined players WILL pass this test!

Osiris beer planning

As in earlier tales, Osiris is asking for ambrosia made of beer that has two adjectives plus a malt-based flavor.
Possible adjectives are: Potent or Very Potent, Fruity, Spicy, Dry or Sweet, and Brown or Black,
Malt-based flavors are: Banana, Barley, Cherry, Cinnamon, Date, Honey, Nutmeg, and Orange.

Osiris beer brewers: First of all, thank you Very Very much for your assistance in this project. It is monumental!

When naming the successfully brewed beer, please keep the adjectives in the order listed on the "brewing results" window, and list all the adjectives the beer has. It is not necessary to include the flavor level (hint, noticeable, bold). If a player's requirements change, or they don't arrive for the festival, we have a better chance of being able to still use that ambrosia in the future.

Keeping that in mind, do also include the player's name at the end, so Joe will know that he's picked up the right one. Keeps down on the confusion and panic!

When assigning recipes for each player's requirement, I will try to choose the one with the most adjectives. It gives the most versatile beer. So, if for some reason, Joe doesn't use it, it might not be completely wasted. If Joe needs an ambrosia made from Fruity Sweet Barley beer to please Osiris, I may ask you to brew something with more adjectives and the final name might be as ridiculously long as:

Potent Fruity Spicy Sweet Brown Cinnamon Barley Beer for Joe.

When it is made into an ambrosia, please include all that information. A chest full of "Joe's ambro" will probably still have "Joe's ambro" in it when T8 gets here! I don't want to waste your time and efforts!

Osiris Beer Help List

PlayerName Osiris Requirements Possible? Brewer Progress
Balthazarr VP Dry Orange done premade ready to pick up
MissB Fruity Sweet orange done Peace ready to pick up
Baltharina Fruity Black cinnamon done Peace ready to pick up
Althazarr Spicy Black barley done Peace ready to pick up
MrB Spicy Brown nutmeg no, please reset
Raia Potent Brown nutmeg done premade ready for pick-up
Silden Potent Sweet Cherry done Donk79 ready to pick up
Alkhar Potent Sweet Nutmeg no, please reset

Progress Report

To assist in planning the festivals that are needed by the most players, please use this table to list your percent satisfaction for each god.

Festivals Progress Report

Rituals Summary

Each God requires a different ritual, which typically includes:

  1. Sacrificing a specific Ambrosia
  2. After having completed a specific action or personal preparation
  3. Within a specific setup around a common altar (or spirit brasier, for Ra).

NOTE: Items in italics in the table below will have avatar-specific requirements and must be determined before each festival.

Ambrosia Action Altar Setup
Festival of Bastet Aromatic Honey Camel Milk Wear Silk Ribbons 21 Jugs of Camel Milk
Festival of Hathor VP Beer Cobra Blood Eat meal raising three Stats 3 each Sheep, Rabbits, Chickens (drop each animal separately, not in piles)
Festival of Isis Aromatic Honey Oil Apply Simple Perfume 7 Glass Torches 1
Festival of Maat Rose of Ra petals Honey 21 flaming Ritual Torches
Festival of Osiris Beer Oil Dress in all black Growing 5 of 7 crops (Cabbage, Leeks, Garlic, Onions, Carrots, Barley, Flax)
Festival of Ra* Wine Dates Burn five Spirits 7 7000-wood lit Bonfires
Festival of Thoth Wine Ink 21 Beetles

*Ra ambrosias are sacrificed on a Spirit Brasier, not the common altar.
1 - Because Glass Torches are a permanent fixture, many regions will have a set location already prepared for this ritual. Be sure to bring 10 oil per torch you are lighting.

Determining Festival Requirements

Once you have started the test at a University of Worship, you and a partner need to go to any Common Altar. Each God requires two different items, and each partner must have one of each to complete the ritual.

NOTE: Left/right represent the statue's left/right for all altar rituals. Easiest way to ensure success is to stand behind the alter and facing it. Then your left/right is the same as the statue's.

  1. Person 1 puts item A on the left pillar.
  2. Person 2 puts item A on the right pillar.
  3. Person 1 puts item B on the left focus.
  4. Person 2 puts item B on the right focus.
  5. Person 1 meditates
  6. Person 2 meditates.

Both players will then be told what they need to do to please the God.

God Item A (pillar) Item B (focus) Confirmed for T7?
Bastet Honey Camel Milk yes
Hathor Male Rabbit Female Rabbit yes
Isis Honey Oil yes
Maat Linen Canvas Yes
Osiris Flax Barley (raw) yes
Ra Medium Quartz Medium Topaz yes
Thoth Papyrus Paper Candle yes

Materials are not consumed and can be removed once each player has received their instructions.

Everyone receives different instructions, so all people wishing to participate in a festival must do this ritual. If you successfully please a God in a festival, your requirement for all Gods will change, so it's often best to bring supplies and re-test at the festival altar.

Confirmed Requirements


Bastet requires two colored ribbons and an ambrosia made of aromatic honey and camel milk


Recipes for Hathor Festivals

VP Beer in Stock
VP Banana 36
VP Barley 40
VP Cherry 30
VP Cinnamon 21
VP Date 23
VP Honey 29
VP Nutmeg 33
VP Orange 19

Note: So far this tale, no players have needed VP Date beer for their Hathor ambrosia


Requires perfume made of 10 db of citrus, with the adjective: Greenish, Reddish, Sweet, or Tangy.
Requires ambrosia made of a specific aromatic honey + oil
Requires seven Glass Torches of Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire.

If any requirements are found outside of these parameters, please list them here:


For a listing of Rose of Ra attributes, please refer to:

Ambrosia made of specific Rose of Ra petals and honey
Altar must be surrounded by 21 flaming ritual torches (requires Ritual Item Construction skill)


Ambrosia made of beer and oil. Seems to require a three-adjective beer of a malt-derived flavor (banana, barley, cherry, cinnamon, date, honey, nutmeg, or orange).
If your Osiris test shows a requirement outside of these parameters, please list it here!

Ra and Thoth

Ra requires ambrosia of dates and wine (10% alcohol, 2 vintages old)
Thoth requires ambrosia of ink and wine (12% alcohol 2 vintages old)
Both past and future flavors are acceptable.
Wine continues to age even after it is made into an ambrosia.

Wine FlavorRa AmbroThoth AmbroVintage appears on
Ceremonial Table
Wines known to contain this flavor
Apple 22 21 3 2589, 2681, 2695, 2716, 2767, 2928
3127, 3239, 3243, 3244, 3281, 3284, sugar*
Banana 21 21 0 2589, 2695, 2716, 2750, 3240, 3242, sugar*
Black Pepper 20 22 7 2655, 2695, 2716, 2927, 3242
Butter 22 21 0 2655, 2810, 2902, 2927, Festivals Blend 2
Butterscotch 20 20 1 2767, 2778, 3241
Geraniums 24 30 3 1034, 2589, 2630, 2655, 2695, 2716, 2750, 2767, 3242
Grapefruit 23 30 0 2588, 2630, 2716, 2790, 2791, 2928, 3024, 3239, 3243, 3283
Melon 24 28 1 1034, 2589, 2750, 2790, 3239, 3240, 3243, 3283
Oak 23 27 1 2588, 2599, 2655, 2767, 2902, 2927
Peach 22 20 0 2810, Festivals Blend 2
Prune 20 20 11 sugar*, 1034, 1251, 2928, 2946
Raisin 21 27 5 2599, 2778, 2779, 2791, 2962, 2988
Vanilla 26 29 1 2681, 2695, 2716, 2767, 2962, 3127, 3241, 3242, 3244, 3284, sugar*
Walnut 21 28 4 2588, 2790, 2791, 3239, 3243, 3281, 3283

"Sugar" may not have enough alcohol to be used for Festivals. Definitely not 12%

Chest owned by Festivals Guild at egypt 1392 2930

   41 Wine:(2588) 12% Oak, Vintage 36
   48 Wine:(2589) Geraniumns 12%, Vintage 36
    4 Wine:(2599) Oak 12%, Vintage 36
    5 Wine:(2630) Grapefruit 12%, Vintage 36
   35 Wine:(2681) Apple 12%, Vintage 36
   40 Wine:(2750) Melon and Banana 12%, Vintage 36
   10 Wine:(2767) Butterscotch 12%, Vintage 36
   31 Wine:(2778) Butterscotch 12%, Vintage 36
   18 Wine:(2790) Walnut 12%, Vintage 36
   27 Wine:(2791) Walnut 12%, Vintage 36
   67 Wine:(2810) Butter and Peach 12%, Vintage 36
    4 Wine:Festivals Blend 2, Vintage 35
    8 Wine:sugar, Vintage 14

Largechest owned by Festivals Guild at egypt 1422 2862

   28 Wine:(2695) Black Pepper and Banana 12%, Vintage 36
   53 Wine:(2716) Black Pepper and Banana 12%, Vintage 36
   83 Wine:(2779) Raisin 12%, Vintage 36
  299 Wine:(2902) Oak 12%, Vintage 41
  110 Wine:(2927) Black Pepper 12%, Vintage 41
   95 Wine:(2962) Raisin and Vanilla 12%, Vintage 41
  151 Wine:(2988) Raisin 12%, Vintage 41
  147 Wine:(3024) Grapefruit 12%, Vintage 39
  103 Wine:(3127) 12% Apple, Vintage 40
  192 Wine:(3239) 12% Walnut, Vintage 40
  310 Wine:(3240) 12% Banana, Melon, Vintage 40
  281 Wine:(3241) 12% Butterscotch, Vintage 41
  305 Wine:(3242) 12% Black Pepper, Vintage 41
  293 Wine:(3243) 12% Walnut, Vintage 41
  160 Wine:(3244) 12% Apple, Vintage 41
  124 Wine:(3281) 12% Walnut, Vintage 44
  960 Wine:(3283) 12% Walnut, Grapefruit, Melon, Vintage 44
  478 Wine:(3284) 12% Apple, Vintage 44

(Map of zFree Vineyard Locations for each flavour) (Bottles for Flavours)

Spirit Guild Stocks (1392,2952)
Fruit Spirits of Earth 59
Grain Spirits of Air 52
Grain Spirits of Fire 50
Grain Spirits of Water 50
Grain Spirits Of Earth 100
Mineral Spirits of Air 86
Mineral Spirits of Fire 50
Mineral Spirits of Earth 50
Mineral Spirits of Water 20
Wood Spirits of Air 61
Wood Spirits of Fire 50
Wood Spirits of Water 50
Wood Spirits of Earth 50

In-game Announcements

Post your request on the Festivals (guild) page at:

Templates (For each god's Festivals Request List)

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