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TALE 8 Planning

We are starting to think about setting up zfree for the next tale. Your feedback and suggestions would be most welcome at: Zfree Tale 8 Planning

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Guild Projects

Our current projects can be found at: Zfree Project list and status

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zFree T8 Beta zFREE Information Exchange

A place to put findings from T8 beta, including resource locations and Foraging notes: Guilds/zFree/ZFree T8 Beta Information Exchange

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Guild location is River Plains 1407, 2942.

Guild Purpose: "To provide the facilities that enable us to achieve our individual and collective goals."

Guild rules for working together

We are a large guild, so it is important that we all follow some common guidelines:

  1. No personal buildings in the zfree camp. No clutter, or test buildings, please. It is a shared space. There is room reserved along the north and south boundaries for fountains and other test buildings.
  2. Conserve materials: Use guild materials appropriately. If you aren't sure, ask!
  3. Give and take: Donations are always welcome - look for the warehouses!
  4. Respect the Environment: No pollution north of the Guild Hall - so we can continue to grow flax and vegies close to camp.
  5. Ask first: Always ask an elder if you aren't sure about anything.
  6. Collaborate with courtesy: zfree was founded as a no drama space! The zfree elders work together to enforce this.
  7. Observe the building code: build personal and test buildings north of 3030 coord (see the map)to preserve the flax fields

Schematic Grounds plan - for discussion



  • zFree now has five Airships! Please contact any elder if you wish to borrow one.
  • Guild can now hold 250. The cost of expansion is now very high, and we are moving to other priorities. Compound expansion is still happening, so donations of bricks and boards are welcome anytime.

Routine chores:

  • Please help out with feeding sheep and camels, and adding to guild wood stocks as you can.

Guild Priorities:

  • check the zfree projects page (link below).

zfree Post Office:

  • Just north of Ruby's Food Hall is a new Post Office building. This is a space for you to have a personal storage space in camp. Build a box or chest (one only) for your stash.

zfree projects:

New Member information

  • Our guild can now hold 250 members. A big thank you to all who helped by donating time, materials and encouragement to our guild expansion efforts
  • Currently priority is given to previous (prior tellings) members of zFree, and to individuals planning to live in or near the zFree camp. Please chat with an Elder so your application may be handled in the proper order.
  • New guild members can also request a mentor, as a buddy to help you get started.

Guild Elders

Zfree Elder details

Resource information

This list is constantly changing. Add the location of useful resources you happen to come across!

  • Sulfurous Water: RP 419, 3703 west of the Public Iron Mine (not all of pond has Sulfurous Water)
  • Sulfurous Water: SE 2358, -4653 end of road leading east. Also reported in COTs near the CS 4374,-620
  • We do have an initiate-usable sheep pen. Please keep it at 3+3, but it's a great place to kill any wild sheep you find.
  • Apiaries at RP 1264, 2977 (just west of camp)
  • Limestone at RP 1862,2080 and RP 872,3606
Compound at the latter coordinates with Kitchen (useable by anyone) and chest (guilded to initiate) containing Heavy Mallet, Lead Chisel, Flint Hammer and Flint Chisel.
  • rabbit-spawning grid place RP 1519, 2281. Try a 10x10 grid and collect after 50 mins so the sweeper doesn't take your carrots.
  • Hinterlands Camel Pen 2025, 3000
  • 9 Towering Palm Tree Cluster 1050, 2306 (Tiny bit south of RP UHarm)
  • Nice wood gathering spot - RP 2056, 3667. Next to river east of UArt. Perfect for macroing.
  • Red Sand @ 1956, 3991 (Just north-east of RP SBody)
  • Explosives lab @ 765, 3057
  • Detonation Box @ 701, 3058
  • zFree quarries can be found on the zfree marbles list
  • Worship initiation tips
If you have a skill to learn at SWorship, then zFree Altar is totally doable.
One group in the guild managed to forget Ritual Torch construction, run to SArch to learn it, use expedition travel to the expedition site north of UBody, run through desert to do the torch, then run back to altar to finish - with one minute to spare!
try the altar near UArt 1412, 1788. Torch site 1785, 2136

Raeli Ovens

Clay Ovens

Note - In order to take clay you need to stop dredging. Please restart the oven so it can gather clay again.


  • RP 1343, 2900 - Set of Flax hammocks for pappy drying with yields of 30-50 per batch of papyrus
  • Hinterlands 1817, 3794 (north-east of RP's upper SBody) - Ten Flax hammocks for pappy drying, yields up to 184(+) per batch. Averages at around 5 seeds per papyrus (100 seeds per batch of 20 papyrus)
Warning: Location not suitable for Acrophobiacs.
Entrance to mountain is from the north-east, at 1888, 3848 Hinterlands

Steam Shovels

Steam shovel coords around Zfree camp:

  • 1454,3006  ; 1388,3003  ; 1350,3004  ; 1360,3040  ; 1300,3040  ; 1300,3000  ; 1280,2960  ; 1290,2920  ; 1265,3005  ; 1455,2870

Silt Collector

  • 1920,3030

Ore Mines

Please note, Public mines are subject to change depending on the owners.
There are more mines on the Public Mine Map


  • Public SILVER mine in RP1270, 1354, south of southern SThought.


  • OLD mine RP 1295, 1349, right next to the Silver mine.


  • Public ALUMINUM mine at SE 1025, -5546 (Within sight of, North-west of SE CS)
6 Bullet and 2 Compression Furnaces - Sponsored by South Egypt Independent Researchers


  • Public ANTIMONY mine in RP 430, 3812. No local facilities yet.

Combination Copper/Iron/Tin

  • Public Copper, Tin and Iron mines with 5 Compression Furnaces, 3 charcoal hearths and a Guilded warehouse at RP 940, 2350


  • Public COPPER mine at RP 1388, 1784
Smelting facilities across the river (The Point)
  • Public COPPER mine at RP 1441, 2866
10 Bullet Furnaces, 4 Compression Furnace (useable by anyone) and 2 Warehouses (zfree)


  • Public LEAD mine (zfree) RP 1421, 3281
  • Public LEAD mine in Cat's Claw Ridge -33, 6236
Has two Bullet Furnaces on-site (as of 02-OCT-15)


  • Public IRON Mine at RP 1180,3466 with conveniently located smelting facilities (zfree and others)
  • zfree guilded IRON mine at RP 1192, 3453


  • Magnesium Mine at RP 1179,1682


  • Public mine at 2842, -5981 sponsored by Garden of Eden, 4x public Compression Furnace at 2859, -6001


  • Public SILVER mine at -555, -5555 South Egypt
No smelting required for silver


  • Public TIN mine 943, 2341


  • RP 427, 3795 (close proximity to the Antimony mine. Currently no public facilities there.


  • Public ZINC mine in RP 1443, 3345 with close by smelting facilities (Nothingbutt's Hand)

More Public Mines can be found at Public Mines

Persephone Furnaces

[Persephne Furnaces]

Gem Mines

Please note, Public mines are subject to change depending on the owners.


  • Public SAND mine (Diamond) just east of UArt in RP. Follow the road just past the border into the Hinterlands. 1810 3500


  • Public SAND mine (Quartz) in Four Corners to the right of the road from the chariot stop. (Note multiple people have reported bad lag when working on this mine)


  • Public SAND mine (Ruby) in RP 1620, 2879 behind Scarab Garden


  • Public SAND mine (Sapphire) north of MV CS opposite Scarab Garden

Wood Treatment

Wood Treatment Tanks

Metal Treatment

Metal Treatment Tanks


Warehouse for wines can be found at 1419, 2947.


Acoustic Lab


Camp deco details

zfree camp deco requests

requirements list

Dowsing data

Zfree gratefully acknowledges the efforts of tehm and and Tatel in plotting hundreds of dowsing records that have enabled us to follow the ore seams and decide on the locations of zfree's public mines.


Notes and mummy theory for the sub guild devoted to Test of Ritual Mummification. Se zMummies.


Notes and Messages for the sub guild devoted to the Test of the Messenger. See zMessage.

zfree Global Village

A place to share and celebrate our diversity and community.

Recipe Exchange

zfree Master's Schooner

There are 8 guild owned schooners. 3 is at OE Harbour (/info OE Harbour) located at 1318 7636. 3 is at RP Harbour (/info RP Harbour) located at 2413 3114. 2 is at Cots Harbour (info Cots Harbour) located at 3736, -367.
Schooners are set to initiate and patriarch at each harbour. Please return the schooners to the respective Harbours before logging off.
Per Isis Bounty test, players must have Advance Shipbuilding or Basic Shipbuilding 21 or higher to use the schooner.

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