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A zFree sub guild devoted to the Test of Ritual Mummification. Notes and "mummy theory" will be posted here as our groups progress.

First group (test group): P1: Khnumbaf, P2: Silden, P3: Arahgon and P4: OneBanana.

First attempt, August 11 2017:

1. Retrieving the cadaver: After some hick ups while forming the group - P4 did not show in P1s main as added to the group - we managed to retrive the cadaver from the Great University of Worship.

2. Requirements for embalming: The scientists asked for embalming fluid made of "Resin" and beeswax and perfume from flat pummelo. After rubbing the cadaver with salt (84 deben required), we started on the fluid.

3. The fluid and the resin component: We were puzzled that the scientists asked for "Resin", without specifying what type, so we expected a bug early on. Yet, to be on the safe side, we went on to craft embalming fluids for each of the 48 resins avaliable in the game. Neighter worked.

4. The DEV call: As we were quite positive that the resin component was bugged, we contacted the devs. Pluribus answered later that night:

Pluribus: "What I SUSPECT is that the verification isnt smart enough to know that the resin name is actually a resin based on the name on the embalming fluid. It MAY require eighter a smarter set of verification or actually putting more data into the ambalming fluids since I expect the same issues with citrus, flower petals, herbs and extracts (my emphazis)".

So, what did we learn here? Some fluid components are quite obviously bugged, and devs are working on that. In addition, notice that "extracts" were mentioned as a fluid component - this is new. Does Pluribus mean chemistry extracts of X Egyptian God? Or perhaps he meant essences? Time will tell.

Group status: After around 28 RL hours, our (bugged) cadaver was automatically taken back by the scientists, as it had began to rot and had not been embalmed. Our group was automatically disbanded.

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