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A Smal Sailboat is a basic vessel that can be constructed after learning the Basic Shipbuilding tech. The ship may be launched and used for transport in any body and debth of water. Unlike ferries, sailboats are not limited to a set range. For a more advanced ship, see the Master's Schooner.

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Small Sailboat, frontal view
Small Sailboat, frontal view.
Small Sailboat, side view
Small Sailboat, side view.
Small Sailboat, rare view
Small Sailboat, rare view.
Small Sailboat, top view
Small Sailboat, top view.



The small sailboat have two main usages:

  • Mobile platform for recovering ship debrief, other types of loot and Treasure Cashes, in the undertaking of the Test of Isis Bounty.
  • A means of transport by water. Please note that, unlike Master's Schooners, small sailboats may not be upgraded with a cargo hull.


Built in a Small Construction Site, water-side

Small wench upgrade

The small wench will allow lifting of normal Treasure Cashes only. To recover Ancient treasure cashes, see Master's Schooners.


The basic shipbuilding tech

While basic shipbuilding 1 allow for construction of a sailboat, this boat will sink within a few minutes (NOTE: maximum time is unknown, but up to 11 minutes at level 1 has been confirmed). Higher levels will allow for longer voyages.

Decay and destruction

After X amount of time at sea or any other body of water, currents will damage the small sailboat. If the ship takes too much damage, it will sink, the player being shipwrecked at a random shore (NOTE: respawn position needs more testing).

Ship apart.png


Unlike Airships, boats can be steered quite precisely. A control panel is offered, and the lowering and lifting of the anchor functions as a start/stop button.



For now, see the discussion page.


Fishing from a small sailboat is possible, both while anchored and while the ship is moving (allowing “trawling”). See Fishing for more information.

Further reading

For more information about ships and their role, see the Test of Isis Bounty page.

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