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The Test of the Isis' Bounty

Find the remants of Isis Bounty

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  Test of (the)  
Isis' Bounty
Can you find the ship Isis Bounty?
  • Find a piece of Ship Debris
  • Find a second piece of Ship Debris
  • Have a piece of Ship Debris Identified
  • Learn Basic Shipbuilding
  • Construct a Small Sailboat
  • Install a Light Winch
  • Salvage a Treasure Cache
  • Find a Piece of Isis' Bounty
  • Demonstrated by Eugenius in Sinai on Year 6 Shemu III-1.


Known Issues

Speed and animation are known issues. The players in a recent poll voted to release this test anyway. Complaints about these issues will be ignored.
If you get struck in an odd animation mode or speed due to a ship sinking or disembarking, select self>Emotes>Gait:Running to get out of the odd animation and restore your speed.

Test of Isis' Bounty

The Test of Isis' Bounty challenges players to find pieces of that legendary ship named Isis Bounty in Egypt's waters. Pieces can be found while fishing from the shoreline, but the final pieces needed to pass will be found in the deep waters of the Mediterranean and Rea Seas. Players will have to learn to construct Small Sailboats. Small Sailboats are steerable but subject to prevailing currents and have a chance of breaking up at sea, depositing the player on a random shore. In order to learn to construct Small Sailboats, players will have to work together to research the Basic Shipbuilding technology. All ships are affected by currents and wind resulting in slow sea travel.

After passing the test, players will gain the ability to construct larger, sturdier, and more expensive ships, complete with cargo holds. In addition to finding pieces of Isis Bounty or other ships, other desirable and undesirable debris will be found. Players will also need to scour the seas for Treasure Caches, recovered with Winches, which may contain rare and plentiful booty. Players may continue to seek out even larger and rarer Treasure Caches once they have passed the test, using a Sturdy Winch installed upon their Master's Schooner.

Shipbuilding Research

The following items are needed for Shipbuilding tech to be unlocked:

  • 100 Ordinary Ship Debris
  • 800 Boards
  • 1600 Sails
  • 1600 Rope
  • 100 Tar
  • 100 Nails
  • 400 Iron
  • 4000 Treated boards of:
    • Pliable Rotproof
    • Glossy Rotproof
    • Rigid Rotproof


  • Find a piece of Ship Debris
  • Find a second piece of Ship Debris
  • Show a piece of Ship Debris to Scientists at SBody or UBody
  • Learn Basic Shipbuilding
  • Construct a Small Sailboat
  • Install a Light Winch
  • Salvage any Treasure Cache
  • Find 1 Piece of Isis' Bounty

Passing the Test

In order to pass the Test of Isis' Bounty, players must find:

  • 1 Fragment of the Foredeck of Isis' Bounty - Can be found In the Mediterranean
  • 1 Fragment of the Aft Deck
  • 1 Fragment of the Mainmast - Can be found In the Mediterranean
  • 1 Fragment of the Inner Hull - Can be found In the Mediterranean
  • 1 Fragment of the Cargo Hold
  • 1 Fragment of the Cabin
  • 1 Fragment of the Gilded Outer Hull

Once a player has all these in his/her possession, they should be shown to the scientists at University of the Human Body for the zap. All seven fragments will be removed from the player's inventory when they do so. Only fragments which have been found by the player attempting to pass will count.


With the introduction of this test, it became possible to fish up items other than fish. See the Fishing page for more information.

More Item Information

Pieces of ship debris (identified as Ship Debris - username #) need to be brought to Schools or Universities of the Human Body for identification. The scientists will take the piece of Debris and return either: a piece of Ordinary Ship Debris (item name), or a piece of Isis' Bounty. If it is a piece of Isis' Bounty, it will be labeled similar to: "Isis' Bounty Gilded Outer Hull fragment - username #". The odds of any given piece of ship debris being from the Isis' Bounty depend on where and how it was found:

  • A piece of Ship Debris fished up from shore has a very low chance of being from Isis' Bounty. Only Isis' Bounty Gilded Outer Hull fragments can be fished up from shore.
  • A piece of Ship Debris fished up from offshore has a decent chance of being from Isis' Bounty. Only pieces of the Gilded Outer Hull, Foredeck, Aft Deck, and Mainmast can be fished up at sea.
  • A piece of Ship Debris found along with a Small Treasure Cache is likely to be from Isis' Bounty. Any part of the ship can be found in Small Treasure Caches, but there is a greater chance that the piece will be from either the Cabin, Inner Hull, or Cargo Hold than the other types.
  • A piece of Ship Debris found along with an Ancient Treasure Cache is guaranteed to be from Isis' Bounty. Any part can be found in Ancient Treasure Caches, but there is a greater chance of the fragment being from either the Cabin, Inner Hull, or Cargo Hold.

The use of pieces of Isis' Bounty is detailed below. Pieces of Ordinary Ship Debris have the following uses:

  • 100 Ordinary Ship Debris is needed to unlock Basic Shipbuilding Tech
  • Once a player has learned Basic Shipbuilding 1, pieces of Ordinary Ship Debris can be turned in at the University of the Human Body where the tech is opened in exchange for knowledge. The scientists will examine the piece of ship debris and instruct the player further on building simple ships -- each time the player does so, his/her Basic Shipbuilding skill will raise by 1, up to a maximum of 49.

Ordinary Ship Debris has no further uses.

  • When Ordinary Ship Debris is handed in at UBody under the Test option 'Hand in seven pieces of Isis Bounty' you get the following message from the scientists.

Isis Bounty
Note: If a player has an piece of Isis' Bounty in inventory it will show with the piece name, the username and the number of the piece.

Small Sailboats

Once a player has learned Basic Shipbuilding, Small Sailboats can be constructed. Small Sailboats are built water-side from the following materials:

Built in a Small Construction Site

On constructing a Small Sailboat, there will be a blue flag labelled Anchor Buoy as well as your Small Sailboat.

Upgrading with a light winch costs:

Information proposed about Sailboats:

  • Sailboats cannot be disassembled.
    • Tested: Sailboats can be Scuttled at sea. The boat and winch are destroyed, returning no materials. The player is returned to shore, seems to be the last land they stood upon.
  • Sailboats can be steered.
  • Sailboats cannot go in reverse.
  • Sailboats traverse water of all depths.
  • Steerage is precise -- unlike airships, direction is easily specified, but like airships, sailboats speeds are slow
    • Tested: (scroll down for an image of the navigation buttons) Sailboats can be steered precisely with the ">>>" buttons, using Strength, or turned with the "==>" buttons for a ninety-degree turn, which requires Endurance. The player can also click the spot on the water they wish to sail to, like airship navigation.
    • Speculation: The X and T buttons may raise and lower the sail. Normally this would affect the speed, but the speed is constant in Tale 7.
    • Navigation menu: The airstream can be shown while at sea. It is not yet known if this affects the ship's maneuverability.
  • Sailboats can be anchored, and should automatically anchor when a player exits one or logs off aboard one.
  • Sailboats should be able to be boarded from a few coords away from shore by clicking upon them.
  • Waypoint/Expedition Travel/Spousewarp should not be allowed to/from ships.
  • Fishing should be allowed from ships. Ideally, ships should not stop moving for a cast -- it should be possible to trawl from a moving boat.
    • Tested: A player with a rod and lure can fish while at sea. The fishing icon must be clicked for each cast, same as on land. While at sea, the lure cannot be changed you may change lures (this was fixed after test release) Khnumbaf 08:51, 18 November 2017 (EST).

Small Sailboats are somewhat flimsily constructed. This means that there is a chance that a small sailboat may come apart at sea. If this happens, the ship, and winch (if installed, see Winches and Treasure Caches section below) are lost, and the player is deposited on a random shore.

  • My first lasted 8 minutes, my second lasted 11 minutes. This is going to get very expensive! Silden 07:07, 13 November 2017 (EST)

Ship apart.png

  • Main Message: Your boat is damaged by the unpredictable currents!

The quality of a Small Sailboat is determined by the Basic Shipbuilding skill level of the builder. At higher quality levels:

  • Ships have a significantly lower chance of coming apart at sea.
  • Ships last longer. The lifespan in days should be equal to the builder's Basic Shipbuilding skill, up to a maximum of 21 days. At Basic Shipbuilding 1, a Small Sailboat will disintegrate after 1 day. At Basic Shipbuilding 21 and above, a small sailboat will last for three weeks. This lifespan can be prolonged indefinitely with maintenance: selecting "Maintain this Sailboat" from the ship's menu will refresh the ship's timer. This will also update the ship's other properties to the player's new/current level of Basic Shipbuilding.


The Master's Schooner and Advanced Shipbuilding

Once a player has passed the Test of Isis' Bounty, he/she will learn the skill Advanced Shipbuilding 1. This will allow said player to construct Master's Schooners. The cost of building a Master's Schooner is:

  • 1000 Boards
  • 1000 Glossy, Rotproof Boards
  • 50 Linen Sails
  • 200 Rope
  • 100 Tar
  • 1000 Nails
  • 10 Pulleys
  • 100 Gold Foil
  • 50 Bronze Straps
  • 500 Iron (for the Anchor)
  • 5 Steel Cable (for the Anchor Chain)

Built in a Medium Construction Site

Master's Schooners obey the same mechanics as Small Sailboats (above), with a few exceptions:

  • Master's Schooners never come apart at sea.
  • Master's Schooners do not decay.
  • Master's Schooners may be fitted with Sturdy Winches (see Winches and Treasure Caches section).
  • Master's Schooners have cargo holds.
  • Either Advanced Shipbuilding (any level) or Basic Shipbuilding 21+ is required to operate a Master's Schooner.

Higher levels of Advanced Shipbuilding can be learned by turning pieces of Isis' Bounty in to University of the Human Body after the test has been completed.

Cargo Holds

The base capacity of a Master's Schooner's cargo hold is 25000 Deben.

  • 50,000 Upgrade Costs: (Advanced Shipbuilding 7)
    • 2000 Boards
    • 500 Soft, Pliable, Rotproof Boards
    • 1000 Nails
    • 50 Iron Strap
  • 100,000 Upgrade Costs: (Advanced Shipbuilding 49)
    • 5000 Boards
    • 1500 Soft, Pliable, Rotproof boards
    • 2300 Nails
    • 100 Steel Strap

Winches and Treasure Caches

Both Small Sailboats and Master's Schooners can be fitted with Light Winches. Only Master's Schooners can be fitted with Sturdy Winches.

Light Winch cost:

  • 2 Pulleys
  • 30 Rope
  • 5 iron (for the hook)
  • 1 1-output Gearbox, determined by the Sailboat

Sturdy Winch cost:

  • 5 Pulleys
  • 5 Steel Cable
  • 1 Large Steel Gear
  • 10 steel (for the hook)
  • 1 3-output Gearbox, determined by the Schooner

Winches allow the recovery of Treasure Caches. Treasure caches are spotted while at sea and appear as a shimmering surrounding a dark spot and have a relatively short visible range of around 10 coords. There are a couple of methods of finding Treasure Caches; the most straightforward is just to happen upon one. It is also possible, however, to narrow down the location of a Treasure Cache using an already-found Fragment of Isis' Bounty.

Treasure Cache

To locate a treasure cache, player with any fragment of Isis' Bounty in their possession may examine it at any time. The fragment does not need to be found by the player examining the fragment. It will display one of three messages:

  • "A rare artifact to be sure." In this case, there is no cache nearby.
  • "The fragment shines even more gaudily than usual." In this case, there is a cache within 75 coordinates.
  • "You get an uneasy feeling from this relic, as if it wanted something. Creepy." In this case, there is a cache within 25 coordinates.

There are two types of Treasure Caches. An "ordinary" Treasure Cache can be fished up with either a Light Winch or a Sturdy Winch. The player must be directly over the cache to haul it. It consists of an assortment of the following:

  • 1 Piece of Ship Debris and an assortment of any of: Mirrors, Silk Cloth, Gems of any size, Cuttable/Cut Gems, Gold/silver/alloys (either raw, bars, foil, sheeting, or wire), very old wine (10+ vintages, rare flavors possible), spirits (rare types possible), paints, high-quality blacksmith/glass blown items (8k hatchets, 6k distillation coils, etc.), raeli tiles (rare types possible), incense (higher qualities possible).

The other type of Treasure Cache is the Ancient Treasure Cache. These should be substantially rarer and are only salvageable using a Sturdy Winch. If a player tries to recover an Ancient Treasure Cache using a Light Winch, they will receive a message that the cache is just too heavy to haul up using their winch. Ancient Treasure Caches consist of the following:

  • 1 Piece of Ship Debris (guaranteed to be from Isis' Bounty), any of the treasure types mentioned above, in greater quantities and slanted toward the rarer types (older vintages and rarer flavors of wine, more likely to have huge gems, rarer raeli tiles, rarer gem cuts, etc.) and 1 Rare Item.



Demonstration (Completed T7ok small.gif)

To open the Test of Isis' Bounty you require:

  • 77 Ordinary Ship Debris

Demonstration completed by Eugenius on Year 6, Shemu III-1

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