Test of Funerary Temple


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  Test of the  
Funerary Temple
  • Build a Raeli Oven (optional)
  • Start the oven Dredging
  • Begin the Baking Process
  • Interrupt the Baking Process before the tiles are Black
  • Build a Funerary Temple
  • Glorify the Temple with at least 7 colors of Tiles
  • Achieve a Glory Rating of 7000
Funerary Temple


University Text

Construct a glorious Temple to entice the dead to visit earth. Only the finest will pass the Test of the Funerary Temple.


Funerary Temples are built and then grow significantly larger as you add tiles to them. They can never be reset. Although you can add tiles to your temple at any time, you can never remove them.

Test of Funerary Temple is the sixth test in the Architecture discipline.

Passing the Principle

Once you build a Funerary Temple, you must add Raeli Tiles to it to gain glory.

Once you reach 7000 glory, you pass the principle.

List of Trading Tiles

Passing the Test

Each week, the two Funerary Temples with the highest Glory ratings pass the test.

  • WARNING* Do not guild your temple! A guilded temple cannot pass! It must be owned by you.

See Test Pass History or http://julianatdeltona.com/atitd/PassedTests.aspx

Glory calculation

Glory is calculated individually for each type of tile, then added. More tiles of the same type increase your glory, but there are diminishing returns: for example, 343 tiles of the same color only give twice the glory of 7 tiles. So to maximize the glory of your temple, you should try to have many different colors. See the table below.

Tiles of the same color 1 2 7 14 49 98 343 686 2401 4802 16807 33614 117649
Glory for that color 100 135 200 235 300 335 400 435 500 535 600 635 700

In general, N tiles of one color give 100*(1+log7(N)) points for that color.

Or, if you don't have log7 on your calculator: 100*(1+log(N)/log(7)).

The glory value is rounded down to the nearest integer after summing up all individual colors (e.g. even though 2 of 1 color will give you 135, and 8 of another will give you 206, combined they will give you 342, since their fractional components still get added before rounding down for the final score).


To open the Test of the Funerary Temple, we required:

Temple Appearance

As the glory of the Funerary Temple gets higher, or possibly even from sheer number of tiles, the appearance changes into fancier versions. The colors of the windows of the Funerary Temple structure are based on which colors have the most tiles put into the temple.

Here are pictures of the fanciest temple model we have seen thus far.
Fancy Funerary Temple seen from the side Fancy Funerary Temple seen from above

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