Test of the Prismatic Opticon


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  Test of  
the Prismatic Opticon

Fine Balance

  • Build a Prismatic Opticon
  • Create at least 3 Rays
  • Create at least 3 Targets
  • Create at least 3 Phases
  • Start the Opticon
  • Tear down your Opticon, OR do the following:
  • Have Seven Judges rate your Prismtic Opticon
  • Design rated Good by most judges
  • Demonstrated by in [[Region/|]] on .
Prismatic Opticon


University Text

You sign up for the Test of the Prismatic Opticon and learn the art of Opticon Construction. You can build an opticon using a small construction site. Caution: after you build the opticon, you will need a custom gearbox to activate it.


This is the sixth Test in the discipline of Art and Music

Design an entertaining and/or noteworthy light show.

Passing the Principle

Build a Prismatic Opticon. Don't panic if you can't cut gems, there are many fellow Egyptians that will trade for them.

Once you have built one, you have the option of tearing it down if you are just looking to pass the principle but not the test.

A tutorial on configuration is located on the Guides Page: Prismatic Opticon Configuration


As judges vote on your opticon, your score is updated. The total score of your opticon is a weighted average of all the judges scores.

Passing the Test

The two highest scoring opticons each week will pass the test, which is announced in the System channel.

Test Pass History or http://julianatdeltona.com/atitd/PassedTests.aspx

Locations for Judging

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks RL Date opened
Midland Valley 930, 4900 Rey Yes Just N of CS 2/3/2016
7L 1400, -1043 Lizzi Yes Just N of CS 27/3/2016
RP 1554, 2829 Tedra No Just W of CS 18/4/2016


In order to open the test, ??? was needed.

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