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Concrete is used as a building material in some of the larger or more advanced buildings.

It is made in a Clinker Vat. This produces 250 concrete. Making concrete is instantaneous and requires no Endurance timer (in contrast to the mixing of cement).



Research & Technology

Produced By

Cement, Clinker Vat

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Aqueduct Pumping Station, Aqueduct Tower, Automatic Loom, Blast Furnace, Brick Machine, Crematory, Crystal Acoustics, Cut Stone Obelisk, Test of Dancing Waters, Detonation, Eastern Meditation, Empty Hand Puzzle, Flax Gin, Funerary Temple, Guilds/GreenValleyFalls/Ka, Guilds/Zemples/notepad, Gyration Cell, Herpeculture, Herpeculture Experiments Level 1, Ka Tomb, Test of Khefre's Children, Kitchen, Kitchen/de, Large Distaff, Large House, Test of the Library of Alexandria, Mechanics, Medium House, Megalopolis, Metallurgy 3, Modern Sheep Farm, Obelisk Construction 3, Raeli Gliderport, Raeli Oven, Raeli Pottery, Reactory, Serpentarium, Small House, Small Warehouse, Steam Distaff, Steam Kiln, Steam Rock Saw, Storage Improvements 2, Structure Reinforcement 1, Structure Reinforcement 2, Test of Seven Phoenix, Throne of Pharaoh

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