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Bulk 1
Weight 2


As a general rule, actions that require water (such as filling a tub, watering vegetables, or gathering clay) merely empty the jug, and do not use up the jug itself. When "Water in Jugs" is required as a building material, a research donation, or a tuition for skills, these generally use up the jug as well as the water.


A jug filled with water.


Water action icon

Filling a jug adds 1 to its weight.

Standing near a water source with empty jugs in inventory will display the "water" action icon. Using that icon you will have the option to fill some or all of your empty jugs with water.

While carrying Water in Jugs, there is an option in your "Skills.." menu, "Empty Jugs..", to dump the water and get the empty jugs back.

Research and Tuition

Required By

Acid Bath, Acid Extract, Acoustics Laboratory, Advanced Blacksmithing, Anvil, Aquaculture, Barometer, Blacksmithing, Bullfrog Repellent, Chemistry Recipe - Gem Glue, Chemistry Recipe - Lime Emulsion, Chemistry Recipe - Potash Ointment, Clay, Clay Steeped Canvas, Clinker Vat, Concrete, Crystal Acoustics, Eye of God Serum, Flower Fertilizer, Gardening, Geb's Tears, Gem Glue, Grain Fertilizer, Greenhouse, Herbal Exploration, Herbing Pot, Hookah, Horticulture, Huge Topaz, Test of the Humble Priests, Lime Emulsion, Mine, Mining, Navigation, Nut's Essence, Papyrus Tank, Persephone Furnace, Plaster, Potash, Reducing Agent, Salts of Aluminum, Salts of Antimony, Salts of Copper, Salts of Gold, Salts of Iron, Salts of Lead, Salts of Lithium, Salts of Magnesium, Salts of Metal, Salts of Platinum … further results

Produced By


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