Test of True Leadership


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True Leadership

(Posted by Pluribus on 2017-07-20 03:01:57)
True Leadership rewrite is in progress.

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The test has been opened, and we're still figuring it out!

  • After starting the test, players can be nominated as "True Leaders" for a particular test
  • Only players who have started the test can nominate people
  • Only players who have started the test can be nominated
  • For some tests, multiple people can be nominated.
  • A player can only nominate someone as a leader for a test which they have passed themselves.

After passing, one can construct, at no cost, a beacon of (insert stat here). The beacon will grant anyone in vision a +7 bonus to said stat. Beacon lasts 24 hours and only once can you construct one.(maybe once per time you have passed)

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