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Beer Tasting

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Beer Tasting is a characteristic viewable on the Skills tab which increases as varieties of beer are drunk at a Ceremonial Tasting Table. As certain levels of Beer Tasting are reached, the Perception attribute is permanently increased. +1 Perception is earned at BT 7, and another +1 Perception at BT 49.


When you drink a beer, you will be told whether you receive a point in Beer Tasting. It is assumed that new and unfamiliar flavor combinations increase the chance of getting a point. (Whether such qualities as color and alcohol content count as "flavors" for this purpose is unclear; but the general rule is, variety is good.)

Adding just enough burnt malt to make an existing recipe to make it brown (which resulted in a significant colour value change, minor maltose change, no change to any other values) was enough to get another tasting point. Of course, if you have a totally different beer, you're likely to get more than just the one point. -- tlanthil

It is possible to get more than one BT point from multiple sips of the same beer. If you get a point, it is worth taking a second drink to see if you get another (provided there is enough beer to go around -- please be respectful of your host and fellow drinkers!).