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I'm the founder of SACFAR, and an elder in the Wanderers.

I'm the grandson of an oracle of body and initiate of 7, and usually available for acro, sigs, intros, etc (but lemme know before travelling, in case I'm working on something).

My home CP is at 1310,1690 (Shabbat Ab)

My Herb:aList page is still in operation (and taking requests/suggestions):

See Alcohol for my available beer and wine flavours, and raw data (quite raw).



Finally learnt that last facet, got all the moves. First to pass acro, first journeyman of Egypt.
Teacher ratings and stuff



Please consider if you'd like to sign these when you see me.

Busy status, and status in chat tab titles

Firstly, it could be helpful to have a 'busy' status, similar to being AFK, that is automatically in effect when chat is minimised. This will indicate that, while the person might be about, it's more likely there will be a delay before they respond. Secondly, it would be helpful if we were able to quickly see when people we have a chat tab open with are online/offline/AFK/busy (we can already see this in friends list or /info, so it's not new info, just much more convenient. The warning that someone is offline/AFK when you open a chat is helpful, but doesn't help as much when chat tabs are kept open). This could take the form of an icon of some sort or text, as deemed appropriate. This could also be applied to guilds/chat tabs, showing number available (as in, Guild Title (3/19)), but this is less important. And thirdly, an ammendment to the nameplates to show AFK/busy would be helpful, to prevent people visiting those who are AFK, and waiting a few minutes for a response to a query/request

Future Petitions

These are petitions I intend to write up ingame. As I haven't yet, please give feedback on them :)

landmarks from text

The ability to create landmarks (self-navigation type) by inputting coords and label. This would be especially useful for when people tell you of mines, ibis, etc

Guilds in Friends List

It'd be nice to be able to track which guildies are online. Guilds are often large, however, so this would need to be either:

  • Per rank per guild (e.g. one guild you have Elder only show up, another no-one at all), or
  • Per guild, with collapsible menus (press the + to open guildX's list, - to close it).

Ideally both, so you can have something like:

  • individually entered friends
    • Person 1
    • Guild2 member3 (note that anyone already in friends list will not appear in guild section for brevity)
  • guild section
    • Guild1 +
    • Guild2 -
      • Guild2 member1
      • Guild2 member2
      • Guild2 member4
Public Works Guild Powers

Note: A shorter version of this write-up will be presented in-game, with a pointer to here to elaborate on details, such as how residency is determined, what qualifies as an informational building, and some examples and implementation/mechanics issues.
Note: Times given are either real or teppytime, not Egypt.

This petition is to provide a few special powers to members of nominated Public Works guilds.
Definition of a Public Works guild: a guild which was voted to have the powers as listed below. These powers are only effective within the region; a nominated public works guild has no additional powers or abilities granted by this bill in any other region, even if the guild hall is moved.
There may be more than one public works guild in a region.
The powers listed below will be available for use at a certain rank within the guild (either set per guild by an elder at the guild hall (preferred option), or preset at Kinsman).

  • The ability to build informational structures (such as signposts, stellae, anything else that's similarly useful; or simply any outdoor buildings (simpler, as it does not require updates as new building types become available)) within exclusion zones, such as next to roads or near a chariot stop. This shall be limited to one place per 50 coords (note that multiple buildings may be built within the same 1x1 area; such as multiple basic sign buildings, to provide a multiple-direction signpost). When attempting to build within one of these restricted areas, an eligible person will be given a notice that it is too close to the road/CS as normal, but be asked if they wish to build a Public Works structure instead (which they may do so). This building will either be owned by the guild (in which case ownership may only be transfered to another Public Works guild), or owned by Public Works (in which case any local public works guild may use it as if it were 'owned' by that guild).
  • The ability to provide information directly at their CS (in order of preference: a new building type: Information Booth, a short message to be displayed in Main ("Welcome to Region, please see buildingX for directions"), or a note in the CS building's menu).

If possible, all informational buildings should be translatable by players (options to edit per language, and when reading, default to player's set language if present)

  • The ability to add items to the calendar without the need for a megalopolis/similar. This could alternatively be done as part of the informational structure, provided it has timezone-correction
  • Ability to tear down (per normal salvage rules) any building set to Public ownership (not public use), while anyone else retains the rights to full use of that building.
  • <Any additional suggested powers>.

Any elder of a guild may visit a university of leadership and request a petition for Public Works status for their guild (which guild must be selected at the university). This petition may be shared between guild members, or any other guild member may visit the university for additional copies of the same petition. There is to be no option for any text in the petition, as any guild which is entitled to Public Works status must surely be well enough known already. This also allows for complete translation of the petition. Any person may apply for public works status for any guild only once per month, and each guild may have one application once per month (to double each time an application fails. 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, etc).
This petition is carried as any other, however only residents of the same region (to be determined as location of Primary guild, home location, or other as appropriate) may sign it (anyone else may see that the petition is carried).
Once 21 signatures are added, it may be returned to the university, at which time the proposal becomes available for vote at all voting booths in the region (no out-of-region voting for people away from home).
Any paid resident of the region may vote at the voting booths.
An election for Public Works status will remain open for a minimum of a week (unless fail conditions below are met), must attain clear majority (67%), and must attain a minimum vote (preferably based on number of active residents of the region, but if not possible, a set number such as 50).
It will fail if: at any time after a minimum of one day or 10 votes, the "no" vote becomes larger than "yes" (simple majority vote no), any single member of the nominated guild votes no (19 yes and 1 no from the guild applying for status will cause the vote to fail, all members must agree), or the vote remains open for a month without meeting required conditions (clear majority and minimum voters). Rescinding powers:
At any time, any Member (guild rank) or above of a Public Works guild may visit a university of leadership, and immediately cancel their guild's Public Works status.
If any eldership in the guild is claimed (e.g. through any law that allows non-members or any rank lower than elder to promote themselves in absence of an elder), status is immediately rescinded.
Any resident may start a petition at a university of leadership to rescind the status of a public works guild at any time (however, this shares the one month wait of the application for public works status). After 21 signatures, it becomes available for vote at voting booths.
Vote to rescind status will pass immediately if: minimum required votes in (as above), and simple majority (50%) vote yes. Otherwise the vote will fail after one month.
If a guild's status is revoked, then any buildings in exclusion zones will be remove/claimable:

  • If implemented such that all public works buildings are owned by Public Works, and there is no other Public Works guild, immediately salvageable by any resident. If Public Works ownership implemented, and there are other Public Works guilds, no changes to the building apply.
  • If other Public Guilds exist, then those guilds have the option to immediately claim or salvage the building. Should they or the owning guild not do so within one week, it becomes publically salvageable.

Note that it is entirely possible for a guild to regain Public Works status in as little as a week, in which case any buildings in exclusion zones owned by that guild would once again be protected from public claim.


Working solo, I used to be able to grow about 16 beds at a time. Since someone pointed out to me that, with flax hotkeys turned off you don't travel to the bed, I've been able to push that up to 40 (which takes slightly over 2 minutes, including time to refill jugs for NG, if growing next to the water). This method doesn't require you to overlap plants (it occasionally happens by accident, but since you're working to a grid, that means more space on the other side, so no net bonus) or anything dodgy/naughty like that.

Note: I use numpad-5 as a mouse click (it's an option for KDE in the control centre, on linux/unix, to control cursor with numpad), which may give a slight increase in efficiency over mouse clicking. Starting out with a smaller patch and increasing size until you find what works will avoid problems though.

Addendum: It was pointed out to me that <self->options->one-click and related->make TAB work like mouse button> would also work for this, for all users


  • Collect a heap of seeds. May as well do this with the flax hotkeys enabled (self->options->one-click and related), since it's a bit easier, and you will walk to the bed to collect the seeds either way. Collect jugs as well, if you need them (depends which seeds you use, of course).
  • Go to a decent field, you'll need a bit of space. It's probably a good idea to travel away from home a bit for this, not just for the space, but in case of ecology problems. At least until we have a decent understanding of ecology, and know where/what/etc to grow.
  • Disable the flax hotkeys. Enable arrow keys for movement, if you haven't yet (self->options->interface->use arrow keys for movement). This only applies when chat is minimised, arrow keys still work on your input text or windows with text the rest of the time.
  • If you care about the flax beds lining up, you can use F4 to overlay a north-arrow on the ground, makes it easier to line the camera up to north or east.
  • Open the self->plant menu, and pin it.
  • Get in position to start planting. You'll be planting several rows, going camera-down (closer to the bottom of the screen) each time, so have room to move to your camera-bottom-right corner.
  • Minimise chat (press enter, or click the active chat tab). Put the mouse cursor over the plant window you pinned earlier.
  • This is the start of planting, so you need to be quick from here on. Click the menu, then tap your right arrow key on your keyboard twice. Repeat this as many times as you want for width of your flax field (I do 8 wide, 5 tall, but start with 4x5 or 6x4 or something, until you get a feel for it. size 40 requires you to be clicking quite quickly).
  • When you get to the end of your row, tap the down arrow key twice, and then go back, planting in the other direction (left arrow key). Repeat this until you have all of your rows planted.
  • Click the mouse on the opposite side of the flax field, and then right click when you're in the middle. This puts you in a position to be able to click every bed you planted without having to move.
  • Check the top-left bed (the first one you planted), and keep checking until it's ready for watering/weeding. Once it is, do so, and keep going across. The reason you start on the left side of the field is that clicking left-to-right puts the cursor over the next field when you click to water/weed (depending on how far zoomed out you are. but you won't have to go right-left-right-left, as you would processing from right to left). Process each row in order, as many times as required (with our current flax, that's 2 times). If you find that one of the beds has gone to seed, skip down a line, and unless it was a large lag spike, you should be able to continue with what's left.
  • The flax is now ready for the harvest, so you can take a break if you like. flax ready for harvest will stay available for a long, long time.
  • Harvest your flax plants (if so inclined. you could grow 10 fields like this without harvesting until the end. But consider that you'd be using up space other people might want to use), then top up jugs or whatever, and move back to the starting position, if you have more seeds to grow. Rinse, repeat. :)