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Test of Chains

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In the Test of Chains you will try to predict which Marriages will endure and progress. For a marriage to progress in a given week, both parties must remain in Egypt, and each must either gain a level or pass a Test.

If some marriage in your chain fails to make progress for 3 Chains advances, then your chain breaks. You may rebuild your chain, but may not reuse a person that you previously used.

Each week you may add up to 3 marriages to your chain.

You accumulate points each week equal to the number of active marriages on your chain that have made progress since you added them.

Predictions are made at an Essence of Harmony.

Warning: It looks like this test is currently bugged. I have on three occasions now lost a new set of links with no other existing links after only one week. According to the wording above a link should last for at least 3 Chains advances but it only lasts for 1. I have posted a DEV call on this problem 3 times now, awaiting a reply on the third time -Andyfret 31 January 2011


See Test Pass History.

Just a note, from observation of recent events, chain points update after the weekly passes are run. But this may vary... -Setheri