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(For old events, see Previous Events.)

The Time Zone Converter website can convert event times into local times for your location.

Current Events

Monuments Need YOU!!

  • It's that time of tale, and the great work of building monuments has begun!
  • If you have passed one or more tests in a discipline, PLEASE go to the monument site to add your support. Its just a matter of a short run and a one-time click on the building.
  • Every discipline with a successful monument means a new player-designed Test (sponsered by the monument) will be featured in Tale 6.
  • Each Monument needs 126 players to support it!! And don't fret if you haven't passed many tests in that subject...g etting enough players of ALL test pass levels to support them is critical to their success!
(You can support every monument, so no need to pick one)

Monument Locations

Monument_of_art_and_music: 434 5621 in Taygete. Just a bit SW of Chariot

Monument of the Human Body: 958 -6407 in Maia. Just a short run south of Chariot.

Remember to sign up at each monument you are eligible to help at! There is no need to pick one, and they all need YOU!!

Old Events

Egypt United DP interview

Egypt United Guild will organize a DP debate on Friday 22:00 GMT . You can put your favourite DP candidate in the oven and cook them slowly.

Let's choose the best DP (or at least the one that sucks the less)

And don't forget to vote. The Egypt needs you!

Auction of Drunken Villains]

Sponsored by Egypt United

And don't forget to vote. The Egypt needs you!

Weekly Events