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Guilds/Egypt United/Peret Drunken Villain Auction

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A drunken mob of Egyptians, after a late night of emptying all public bars of wine, went is search of even more cheap wine. They entered the University of the Body and stole all the linen the good Egyptian people donated for research. Our Great Pharaoh's crocodiles followed the villains and found them sleeping by a lake. But, alas, the linen is gone. They traded all of the linen to some Nigerian traders for a few bottles of rot-gut wine.

Our scientists can't work without linen! So our great leader decided that these miserable criminals will be sold as servants. The auction will be held in the Alcyone Fireworks Arena at 1833, 2344, close to the cs. They will pay back for the linen they stole one way or the other, preferably the other.

Any Egyptian has the right to participate and buy them as servants for 3 Egyptian hours total, which may be split into two sessions to do your work for you in exchange for linen. This linen will be given back to our scientists to unlock more technologies.

The minimum bid is 5 Linen (but we expect to get at least 20 per slave). The player with the highest bid will be expected to immediately pay with linen. So make sure you have it ready. (Linen donations will be gratefully accepted even if you don't get your man or girl).


The buyer needs to use this criminal workforce within 2 weeks of the end of the auction or the workers will be set free.

The criminal's work session/s will be done in no more than 2 work periods before the date set by the buyer.

Auctioneers have the right to refuse to sell a specific criminal to a specific person without stating the reason.

Criminals may only be forced to do jobs like transferring materials, growing or gathering raw items, or working in mines. Special skill jobs like charcoal and glass making may be possible for some slimy good-for-nothings, but they have to be willing so ask the auctioneer before purchasing.

All tools and/or mats required shall be provided by the owner.

Criminals can not specifically be used to help pass a test. This includes any voting.

The Slimy Good-for-Nothings

                                    THE FEMALES

Mayanah: (end, str, end) She seems to think she's good at bellydancing, but if you peek at her qualifications you'll see she hasn't learned it yet. You may find other ways to use her also. sold for 60 Linen

Nchanter:Extremely dangerous. Keep her in chained deep in a mine sold for 75 Linen

Aurena: Another drunken thief, oddly enjoys mining silver. Aspiring black widow, keep her away from your single men. sold for 110 Linen

Lessa: Farmer's daughter so don't expect much. But she have used to hard work in the farm

Maata: She must be chained to a mine. Do not trust her for any other task sold for 70 Linen

Kuupid Armed and dangerous. Be sure to remove the arrow and the bow, specially if you are single.

Hanid: Another incredibly useless item, but does belly dance and can grow barley, papy or flax.

Lyla: Her look may decieve you, she may look innocent but inside her head she is a master thief. Keep an good eye when trusting her to your place of work. You never know what slips your eye or in her pocket. // A sharpened stick should keep her in her place.

Lukeera: Good with grains; she is also a mean hand with an herb knife. Keep her away from sharp objects! sold for 90 Linen

Ketta: Snuck into the lineup last minute to be sold. Nothing good can come from that! sold for 115 Linen

                                       THE MALES

Neone: This guy seem to be an allround worker though get bored and find way to amuse him self easily. Keep him busy or you never know what will happen. sold for 20 Linen

Testios: Handsome villain who likes to work in the dark.strength 3, dex 4, end 7, speed 2 sold for 55 Linen

Yerbouti: Would you think one of the finest beer and bread makers in the land would be caught with a group of thieves? Well it is true and he needs punishment along with the rest. Claims (ahem) to be able to grow papy. sold for 65 Linen

Spooner: Acts like Mr. Niceguy, but he is likes the vino way too much. Be careful when he has glass in his hands. sold for 145 Linen

Fez: Egyptian heart throb, too bad he turned to crime. sold for 90 Linen

Jaywynne : Unofficial title "Pharoah's Slacker" known to have quick hands spends most time running in circles humming to himself...last seen hanging out around Alcyone public sheep pens. sold for 65 Linen

Ouijdani: Reasonably competent as long as he's kept away from the beer and wine. Short attention span, but can usually be relied on to collect slate, harvest wood or operate a mine as long as no tasting tables are nearby. sold for 45 Linen

Bluegrass: Extremely talented at something and easily amused by shiny things. Good luck with this one. sold for 55 Linen

Robare: Power Mad DP who likes long walks on the beach, deep wet kisses, and free potash. He's known for his hugtackles, but he can become a screaming madman when provoked! sold for 100 Linen

                                  THOSE JOINED AT THE HIP

Asheara & Lazy : Somehow these two managed to stick themselves together with mandibular glue and we can't get them pried apart. It seems there is something about Lazy going to Maia too often. Hmmm. You get the two but will pay for it in a multitude of ways.

Chat Talos or Hanid in game if you have questions