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Permanent Traders

Broker Region Sells Buys
The Goods Alcyone Various mats Various mats
McArine Alcyone 1425, 2345 Blown Glass and Charcoal Various mats
Skyfeather Celaeno 625, -2475 Alloys, Glass, Charcoal, Calibrated Chem Labs, Marble Basic Materials, Pearls, Mushrooms
InambaGuum Rural Maia High Quality Wineglasses, Hookah Bowls, Level 3 Chemistry Sets, Silk Various mats
Solaris Alcyone 1740, 2400 (near chariot) Cut Gems, Paint, Treated Wood and Metal Various mats
Troglin Sinai 3575 3851 Various Mats (Now Opened) Various Mats
Tutmault Taygete 1800,3040 (North alcyone) Alloys, Glass Proudcts, Stones, and Various Things Basic Resources, Marbles, Spirits, and Raeli Tiles

Raeli Tile Traders

Broker Region Sells Buys
Nchanter for FoA Celaeno -2430, 390 Over 120 Colors of Raeli Tiles Various Materials including Acid, Cuttable Gems, Herb Seeds, Linen, Silk...
CotF Tile Store Sterope We sell 131 colors of tile - nearly every confirmed color in T5 Various Materials including Cabbage, Gravel, Rotten Fish, Wood...
Zeb or Darwishi for Metal Tiles Alcyone 110 colors available, sometimes more Wines,Flax.....just ask


Broker Region Date Requests Offer
Sunstrider Sterope (Alcyone/Celaeno border) 2010-09-10 uff no idea, just chat me and ask me what i could need up to 9,5k hatchets/shovels
akc2 Alcyone 2010-09-10 50 papy 1 themometer
akc2 Alcyone 2010-09-10 100 - 200 papy or other stuff 5k or 6k hookah bowl
akc2 Alcyone 2010-09-10 500 papy 1k to 7k wine glasses kit
Wopper87 Maia-can travel anywhere 2010-09-14 see link most everything, and can make any that im lacking. lots of herbs and insects
Hanid Taygete 2011-04-6 huge gems, potash [1] Click for Paint Recipes and colors, silk cloth
Artinum Sinai 2010-10-02 Need 2 x oyster shell marble, also need LOTS of small quartz. Bronze welcome. Most basic mats, can also provide charcoal and saltpetre and have a few herbs/insects available.
Durgan Alcyone 2010-10-17 9k+ quality Hatchet and Shovel Ash/Potash, glass products, papyrus, others available
Thutamun Taygete 2011-2-12 Steel, Brass, Concrete, Gravel and all kinds of Marble Cuttable Gems, Cut Gems (just ask), Linen, Canvas, Platinium, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Metal Wares, Shrooms, Herbs, all kind of Boards, Bricks and more
Peshet Taygete 2011-03-20 see my trade page [2] Click for trades
ZiamorKyo Taygete can travel anywhere 2011-08-21 Cuttable Stone Basic mats,Iron,Copper
Daxier Aclyone 2011-11-17 Concrete Herbs, Insects, Herb Seeds,charcoal(made on request),wood,glass products (made on request)