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The Scribe

Arriving unremarked and empty handed in the remote hinterlands of Sinai, Artinum was not quite the peasant he seemed to be. His journey was slow and steady, his life largely lived alone - stumbling across the way to build and grow as a citizen. Artinum had a secret. His task was not merely to live and work amongst the peoples of the desert, but to record their way of life and the beauty of the world around them.

His task complete, Artinum paused. It would be the matter of a thought to leave this place, to return to that other realm from which he'd come. He could move on, explore new worlds, write about new people. And yet, something about this simple life still appealed. He had found peace here, formed friendships here. The guild's new projects needed parts gathering and forging. The woodpile was running low, the sheep needed more onions and there were still tests and challenges to confront.

Smiling, he turned his mind away from the... door (there was no proper word for it - after all, it was only a thought without shape or form, a gap between "here" and "there") and planned his next tasks. After all, he could always leave tomorrow. Or next week.

Yet he knew, somehow, he'd be around a while longer than that.


Trade Notes

Goods I can trade:

  • Bricks, boards, wood, slate, straw and similar basic mats - I can usually spare a couple of hundred. For large orders, I may need some time to produce them.
  • Jugs, flax, firebricks, honey, oil, beeswax, charcoal and similarly "made" items - I can produce reasonable quantities of these to order but it may take me some time.
  • I have very small quantities of a range of herbs, paints and insects - if you want something specific, I can check my stocks. I have fresh fishing lures too.
  • I have limited stocks of medium, cuttable and cut stone. As I cannot easily replace these, I will not usually trade them in large amounts.
  • I have limited stocks of vegetables, meats, coconuts, very few dates and flax seeds (both Nile Green and a new and potent strain). Vegetable seeds are usually not for sale. Papyrus seeds are available in small quantities.
  • I have a small range of male and female beetles if you need fresh breeding material.
  • I have more dung and clinker than I know what to do with.
  • I can also teach a range of skills and I'm always happy to try acro, sign petitions for principles and so on.

If you want more than 500 deben of goods, you'll need to collect - I can only carry so much! I'm happy to deliver where I can. If meeting online is difficult, leave me the coords of a public stashable chest/warehouse/etc - I have a stashable warehouse at my compound for you to return the favour.


Please edit this section if you want to leave me any messages (eg. trades)