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Trades occur at my compound (Celaeno -2475, 625), or alternately at one of my dropboxes at the Celaeno CS if you don't mind waiting up to a day.

Everything for sale is listed in Skybucks per unit sold i.e. 1 steel costs 10 skybucks. Please check the buying section for what I'm currently buying, and the value of each item in Skybucks. Mixing and matching is allowed.


Blown Glass

Blown Glass Cost in Skybucks
Chem lab Calibration 3 Glassware 7000

Calibration Kits in stock: 4


Alloy Cost in Skybucks
Steel 10
Brass 10
Bronze 12
Pewter 15
Sun Steel 25
Moon Steel 30
Thoth's Metal 60
Water Metal 70
Metal Blue 100
Octec's Alloy 200


Material Stock Available Cost in Skybucks
Oyster Shell 20+ 300
Canary Granite 3 400
Rose Alabaster 7 400
White Tavertine 11 400
White Alabaster 0 600
Night Granite 0 600
Tangerine Marble 20+ 500
Island Blue Marble 0 750
Yellow Alabaster 20 600


Material Cost in Skybucks
Lubricating Oil x 10 2500
Low Explosives x11 3300
Grass spirits of Earth x4 2000
Set Compound Extract 275
Osiris Compound Extract 300
Ra Compound Extract 500



Material Value in Skybucks
Gravel 1
Small Gear 10
Wood 0.2
Dung 0.2
Resin (Arconis), Limit 1000 0.5
Cabbage 0.3

Wine & Beer

If selling multiple bottles, please provide a flavor variety

Properties below are 'stackable', a wine with 13%+ alcohol, 5+ vintages old, and of VG quality would be worth 200

Material Value in Skybucks
Beer (Any) 300
Wine w/ 13%+ Alcohol 500


Mushrooml Value in Skybucks
Cat Nip 40