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LuluDivine's Tile Emporium

Color Selection

We have ALL found colors for sale. If you want a color you do not see listed here, contact LuluDivine in game - it's likely either a typo, or that color doesn't actually exist this tale. Our ovens are here:


We have a lot in stock.

Contact LuluDivine. If she is not available, someone else from CotF should be able to complete your order.

PLACING AN ORDER: In the event we do not have your complete order in stock, I will try to give you a rough estimate of when those colors might be available.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders of more than 20 colors (if less than 100 tiles per color) will be subject to a markup of 50% the normal payment rate (that means 150% the normal payment rate total). It's more work for me, and more points for you per tile, so it's gonna be a bit more expensive.


Tier CotFDollars/tile Colors
1 10 Alice Blue, Antique White. Aquamarine, Beige, Brown, Burlywood, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Dark Khaki, Dark Magenta, Dark Olive Green, Dark Orchid, Dark Salmon, Dark Sea Green, Dark Slate Blue, Dark Slate Gray, Dim Gray, Feldspar, Floral White, Forest Green, Gainsboro, Ghost White, Gray, Honey Dew, Indian Red, Indigo, Khaki, Lavender, Lavender Blush, Light Blue, Light Cyan, Light Green, Light Grey, Light Pink, Light sea Green, Light Sky Blue, Light Slate Gray, Light Steel Blue, Lime Green, Linen, Maroon, Medium Aquamarine, Medium Orchid, Medium Purple, Medium Sea Green, Medium Turquoise, Medium Violet Red, Midnight Blue, Mint Cream, Misty Rose, Olive Drab, Orchid, Pale Goldenrod, Pale Green, Pale Turquoise, Pale Violet Red, Peru, Pink, Plum, Powder Blue, Purple, Rosy Brown, Royal Blue, Saddle Brown, Sea Green, Sea Shell, Sky Blue, Slate Blue, Sienna, Silver, Snow, Steel Blue, Teal, Thistle, Turquoise, Violet, Violet Red, Wheat, White Smoke, Yellow Green
2 12 Azure, Bisque, Carrot, Chocolate, Coral, Cornflower, Crimson, Dark Cyan, Dark Turquoise, Dodger Blue, Firebrick, Green, Old Lace, Salmon, Slate Gray, Tomato
3 16 Blanched Almond, Dark Goldenrod, Deep Sky Blue, Goldenrod, Hot Pink, Lawn Green, Light Coral, Medium Spring Green, Navajo White, Peach Puff, Sandy Brown, Spring Green
4 20 Aqua, Blue, Blue Violet, Cadet Blue, Cornsilk, Dark Blue, Dark Orange, Dark Red, Dark Violet, Deep Pink, Fuschia, Gold, Green Yellow, Ivory, Lemon Chiffon, Light Golden Rod Yellow, Light Salmon, Light Slate Blue, Light Yellow, Lime, Medium Blue, Medium Slate Blue, Mocassin, Navy, Olive, Orange, Orange Red, Papaya Whip


We may accept other forms of payment, just ask. (For instance, all flax products, ash, potash, etc, are negotiable payment options)

Item CotFDollars
Wood 1
Charcoal 2
Barley 5
Flax 20
Papyrus Paper 40
Ash 80
Gravel 100
Potash 100
wings of horus 10000
Khefre's Essence 20000
silk cloth 20000


Updated as of August 3, 2011

Color In Stock?
Alice Blue 14229
Antique White 4779
Aqua 4526
Aquamarine 13996
Azure 8933
Beige 7342
Bisque 9062
Black 13971
Blanched Almond 14734
Blue 6391
Blue Violet 268
Brown 6131
Burly Wood 2150
Cadet Blue 1839
Carrot 5704
Chartreuse Color Not Yet Found
Chocolate 849
Coral 4547
Cornflower Blue 5887
Crimson 7781
Dark Blue 46747
Dark Cyan 5168
Dark Golden Rod 2992
Dark Gray 4793
Dark Green 6103
Dark Khaki 12952
Dark Magenta 7737
Dark Olive Green 1771
Dark Orange 23225
Dark Orchid 2305
Dark Red 21258
Dark Salmon 1505
Dark Sea Green 5308
Dark Slate Blue 20579
Dark Slate Gray 2438
Dark Turquoise 3909
Dark Violet 4577
Deep Pink 33121
Deep Sky Blue 1932
Dim Gray 2151
Dodger Blue 6402
Feldspar 3449
Fire Brick 2775
Floral White 7291
Forest Green 2721
Fuchsia 5400
Gainsboro 3042
Ghost White 1987
Golden Rod 5038
Gray 1577
Green 17709
Green Yellow 1159
Honey Dew 3142
Hot Pink 3477
Indian Red 3039
Indigo 12097
Ivory 5740
Khaki 4455
Lavender 1954
Lavender Blush 49579
Lawn Green 2376
Lemon Chiffon NEWLY FOUND
Light Blue 3139
Light Coral 6636
Light Cyan 1048
Light Golden Rod Yellow 7925
Light Green 16331
Light Grey 1694
Light Pink 2026
Light Salmon 5067
Light Sea Green 11893
Light Sky Blue 6103
Light Slate Blue 4042
Light Slate Gray 4485
Light Steel Blue 5534
Light Yellow NEWLY FOUND
Lime 1239
Lime Green 8274
Linen 2641
Maroon 3388
Medium Aqua Marine 2584
Medium Blue 4781
Medium Orchid 5139
Medium Purple 3402
Medium Sea Green 19702
Medium Slate Blue 943
Medium Spring Green 4025
Medium Turquoise 7786
Medium Violet Red 4112
Midnight Blue 1112
Mint Cream 13281
Misty Rose 2923
NavajoWhite 3921
Navy 1282
Old Lace 9911
Olive 6264
Olive Drab 7995
Orchid 7996
Pale Golden Rod 759
Pale Green 3481
Pale Turquoise 11749
Pale Violet Red 9755
Peach Puff 3666
Peru 2653
Pink 1517
Plum 5595
Powder Blue 5498
Purple 6291
Red Color Not Yet Found
Rosy Brown 3799
Royal Blue 2184
Saddle Brown 3654
Salmon 2047
Sandy Brown 9707
Sea Green 1478
Sea Shell 3047
Sienna 3896
Silver 5141
Sky Blue 4533
Slate Blue 2150
Slate Gray 4819
Snow 10054
Spring Green 7241
Steel Blue 6669
Tan 2570
Teal 1753
Thistle 5622
Tomato 21493
Turquoise 2489
Violet 4595
Violet Red 3827
Wheat 4823
White 9791
White Smoke 3428
Yellow Color Not Yet Found
Yellow Green 11290