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Blacksmithing Guide/Carp Blade TkLukz

From A Tale in the Desert

Making a 7k Carp Blade in 23 blows

This is a Carpentry Blade guide based off of Eldrads Guide. Thanks go to him and his guide, several of the things I say will mirror what he said, but i'm going off of what I do, no Reading his guide, and the images contained withen, were made by me. I hope this helps you.

Step 1

First off I start in F8 single mode, not the overhead veiw. The anvil is aligned horizontally with the front, or flat part of the blade facing south. I pin all 4 menus up in an easy to display method, whatever is easiest for you but, the goal menu which includes the tools menu, force menu, menu used to place a carp blade, and the menu to complete blade.

You start by hitting the 8 spots listed below, using the shaping mallot at force level 8. This is not as importent as some of the steps, but you must hit at the very edge, as close to the edge as you can get your mouse pointer. C1shapingmallet.jpg

Step 2

On this step you want hit the 4 spots listed below with Wide Tungsten Chisel, on force level 9. You start by hitting the left most dot, then the right most dot, then either order for the 2 middle dots. C2widetungstenchisel.jpg now it these 2 dots, if you hit these 2 dots correctly you'll still be able to see the pattern in the metal, the patern does not change per person, or anvil, it always stay the same. C3widetungstenchisel.jpg

Step 3

Rotate your veiw so that the blade part is facing north. Switch your Wide Tungesten Chisel to force level 4 and hit the 3 spots listed below. C4widetungstenchisel.jpg

Step 4

Switch to BallPeen Hammer set your force level to 9. Hit the 2 spots pictured below. C5ballpeenhammer.jpg

Step 5

Hit the following to spots pictured below keeping with the ballpeen hammer at force level 9 C6ballpeenhammer.jpg

The Following are the front and back images of your carpentry blade so far.

The Front of your Blade should look like this.


The Back of your Blade should look like this.


Step 6

Ok for the this step you are going to be rotating your camera a bit to the side for the left once, and then to the right once.

your going to hit the left side once with a level 9 force ballpeen hammer. C7ballpeenhamerleft.jpg

then your going to the the right side once with a level 9 force ballpeen hammer. C8ballpeenhamerright.jpg

Step 7

This is the finaly step. Rotate your camera so that that your blade is facing south again, this is so you can see the angles on the last 2 hits. You are going to have to rotate to the left and the right again on this step, but make sure you are at the starting rotation where you are looking at the front of the blade again.

Rotate your camera a bit to the left, and the hit spot listed below. C9ballpeenhamerleft.jpg

Now rotate your camera a bit to the right, and hit the spot listed below. C10ballpeenhamerleft.jpg

This concludes the Tutorial on Carp Blades I hope you have gotten some use out of it, and it gives you a better idea of how to make a carpentry blade. This Tutorial gave me a 6934 Quality Carpentry blade, if you now change your force level on the ball peen hammer to level 3, and switch back and forth between the goal and working mode, hitting some of the high spots you can get up to 7k very easily, and can go even further.

Thanks TurkenLukz