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A Camel eats 120 straw per Egyptian day.

Camels require a Dromedary Pen to capture and keep. Dromedary pens must be built outside on sand.

Attracting Camels

Every day (Egypt Time) at midnight (also Egypt Time), a single camel is provided to the open pen with the most straw in each section of Egypt (narrowed down to chunks smaller than chariot regions, possibly 1k coord squares). If you do attract a camel, the amount of straw in the pen will become 0. Opening the pen door to catch a second wild camel will not result in the first camel escaping and wandering away.

Personal experiences and theories on attracting camels

  • Nova: We got two camels - first night we got a female using an odd # of straw and on the 2nd night we got a male using an even # of straw. I forget the exact amounts but they where btwn 1500-1700.
  • Elia: Got a female camel in a remote area, with 31 straw, at precisely 12:00am game time. This suggests that like in previous Tales, the wild camels arrive based on the most straw in local pens in the area where they are generated.
  • Garai:I don't remember how much straw I used to get my first female camel but, the next 2 camels I got: female first with even # of straw second was a male with odd # of straw. So thinking it doesn't matter with odd or even #.
  • Imhlat: We should distinguish between adding straw in odd/even amounts, and stocking the pen with odd/even amounts. I ADDED an even number of straw to my pen, and attracted a male camel.
  • GiausBaltar: Falsified! I added an odd # of straw to the pen, leaving an odd number in the pen, and I recieved a male camel. Either the above is completely false, or the even/odd straw amounts are *at best* giving a probabalistic determination of sex.
  • Rabble: I attracted a female on Peret I-8 with 12,000 straw, another female on Peret I-11 with 16,001, another female on Peret I-12 with 13,201 and a male on Peret I-17 with 16,000 straw. In each case, all straw was removed from the pen at 11:50pm game time and then replaced in one bulk amount. The alternating even and odd pattern didn't work for me as I got two females with odd amounts and both a male and female with even amounts.
  • Khafra: I think that you just complicate the things. 5 cases doesn't make any reliable statistic. If you try your odd/even theory at least 100 times I'll believe it. For now the male/female distribution is completely random, there's no reliable info yet.
  • Dionaea: I tested this a bit: 41 Straw was female, 42 straw was male, 43 straw was female, 44 straw was male. Currently 45 straw no camel yet but I would expect to see female.
  • MrKarl: The odd number = female and even = male has been proven wrong. I have caught female camels on even numbers on multiple accounts. I believe the gender of the camel received alternates each night. I.E. A female may be caught at 12:00 AM GT and the next time the GT gets to 12:00 AM a male will be caught. This explains Dionaea getting alternating genders each night if she did them on consecutive nights.
  • Clownboat: My experience supports MrKarl's theory. I got 4 camels on 4 consecutive nights and it was Female/Male/Female/Male respectively. Granted 4 is nowhere near enough so say that it's proven, but several people experiencing the same thing does give the theory some basis.
  • AquarianSankofa: DO NOT Use to large amounts of Straw. I put in 20K of Straw. All the straw was eaten to catch one male.


You can slaughter a camel to receive:

Camels will produce dung

Given a taste of honey female camels may produce Camel Milk.

When 10 of the same gender (all 10 are male or female) are housed together, they produce one male or female Camel Pheromone every four Egyptian days.

Produced By

Dromedary Pen

Required By

Camel Meat, Camel Milk, Camel Pheromone, Dung, Leather, Oil