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Chromatic Touch/Bastet

From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
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Chromatic Touch
University of Art & Music
Level Required ?
Lessons Required ?
Opened In
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Research Costs
Linen 1000
Silk Cloth 100
Paint Random
Technology Research

Research Required to List:

Research Needed for Materials:

Research Possible After Opening:

  • None
Total # of Req. Techs ?
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Chromatic Touch is the art of delicately coloring fine silks.

Research Requirements


1777 Navy
1611 Azure
 794 Moccassin
1517 Brown
 938 Blanched Almond
 170 Honey
1296 Dark Blue
 182 Tomato
1997 Dark Magenta
1158 Dark Cyan
 366 Dark Orchid
 123 Sea Shell
1084 Light Sea Green
1229 Floral White
1906 Light Cyan
 782 Light Grey
 660 Orchid
 730 Dark Orange
1392 Wheat
1867 Dim Gray
1744 Mint Cream
 629 Green
 122 Light Slate Blue
 504 Pink