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Exploration Travel

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Exploration Travel (sometimes called Expedition Travel) allows one to quickly travel back to the Chariot system after a long run in the desert, or to one's rural home after a day in the city. Expedition Sites are fixed about 3 minutes run from the Chariot Stops. (A few are farther out.) If you are far away from a Chariot Stop, you may jump instantly to your Expedition Site. From your Expedition Site, you may jump to the location you have designated as your Home.


Taught at The People's School of Harmony

Level required: 1



After learning Exploration Travel, you may register at one Expedition Site and pick another arbitrary location to be your home (Self > Navigation menu > Set home location).

  • The first time you designate a site or a home location, it will become active immediately.
  • Subsequent changes to your Expedition Site or home location will take a 2 hour delay to become active. During those 2 hours, you are unable to use Exploration Travel at all.

Exploration Travel consumes Travel Time that is accumulated while you are offline. The T3 cost was 8 seconds for each coordinate traveled, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

The options to travel and the amount of travel time you have available (in title of window) can be accessed from your Navigation menu.

You can only travel home from a designated exploration site. You cannot travel home from exploration sites you happen to pass on a journey.

Link to Bastet Shard Map of Expedition Sites

Expedition Sites

Map Key

A = Adn
B = Shabbat Ab
C = Cat's Claw Ridge
F = Falcon Bay
H = Heaven's Gate
K = Khmun
M = Meroe
N = Nomads' Paradise
P = Pyramid Lake
Q = Queen's Retreat
R = Saqqarah
S = Sinai
T = Stillwater


Attempting to add general and useful RT data for all exhibition sites, please add what you can. If height in RT requirements not marked it indicates all met at whole height range. Note you may have to move around area to find exact spot to meet the requirements you need, listing each co-ord would be too much information to list here.

Region Location Height(ft) Height Range(ft) Meets RT Requirments Notes
FB 5045, -1831 61 61-150ish Cliff, road, flora, school(155ft), statue(+100)
CCR -174, 6345 11
CCR -827, 6696 107'8" Flora, Road
SA 1406, 1980 13
FB 4621, -557 18 na road, school, grass, other, dirt, sand
HG -1483, 5348 5 5-81 road, grass, other, dirt, sand, cliff, rock (need to climb plateau) road+cliff+travel all at same time
HG -2383, 7115 54'3" road
HG -1602, 7624 3' road, no flora
HG -2337, 5625 0'10" road, Cliff, Altar
KH -1980, -2575 438 367-438 road, school, other, dirt, sand, hilltop(-1968, -2585), flora sub 400ft can get travel/sand
SA 1406, 1980 9 0-13 road, clay, grass, dirt, penisula rock also but on mixed terrain coord- risky