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This page gives herbs that are predominantly red in color. Some very red oranges are included.

Herb Name Method (tried/working) Notes Picture Stats
Blood Blossom Not:1,2,3,4,5
Blood Blossom
Blood Harebell Cut away the outer stem
Blooded Harebell(?)
+2 Str, +2 Dex, -1 Spd, -1 Per
Blood Root Trim the Root fibres
Blood Root
Brassy Caltrops Crush the stems
Brassy Caltrops
Brown Muskerro Is: Scrape of the stem pilth
Brown Muskerro
+Str, -Dex, -Spd, +Con
Buckler-Leaf Pick out the seeds. (confirmed)
Buckler Leaf
+1 Con
Bull's Blood Scrape off the stem pith
Bull's Blood
-1 Str, -1 End, +2 Per
Burnt Tarragon Scrape off the stem pith See also: Ginger Tarragon. Note: Burnt Tarragon is no taller than knee-height. Ginger tarragon is about hip-height
Burnt Tarragon
Spd +2, Con -1, Foc -1, Per +2
Chatinabrae Snip the leaf stems
-1Str, +2Dex, -1Spd, +2Per
Chukkah Scrape away the leaf hair Leaves can look extremely dark, even black, at night.
-1 Str, +2 Spd, -1 Per
Cirallis Trim Root Fibres
Crimson Clover Squeeze out the sap
Crimson Clover
Crimson Lettuce Cut away the outer stem
Crimson lettuce
+2 dex, -1 con, -1 foc
Crimson Nightshade Not: 9
Crimson Nightshade
Crimson Pipeweed Remove the tap root
Crimson Pipeweed
+2 End, -1 Con, +2 Foc, -1 Per
Crimson Windleaf Scrape away the leaf hairs
Crimson Windleaf
Crimson Windleaf
+2 Str, -1 Dex, -1 Foc
Dark Ochoa Remove the Tap Root Edged
-1 Dex, -1 End, +2 Spd
Deadly Catsclaw Not:
Deadly Catsclaw
Discorea Scrape Away the Leaf Hairs (Confirmed)
-1 Str, -1 Con, +2 Foc
Finlow Scrape away the leaf hairs
-1 Dex, -1 Con, +2 Per
Flaming Skirret Cut Away Outer Stem
Flaming Skirret
Flander's Blossom Pluck the Leaves
Flander's Blossom
Ginger Tarragon Not: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 See also: Burnt Tarragon. Note: Ginger tarragon is about hip-height. Burnt Tarragon is no taller than knee-height.
Ginger Tarragon
Gynura Trim the Root fibres
+2 End, +2 Con, -1 Foc, -1 Spd
Lungclot Crush the Stems
+2 Dex, -1 Spd, -1 Per
Malice Weed Not: 1,2,3 Light green. Dark Green is Gokhru
Malice Weed
Orange Niali Scrape the Leaf Hairs
Orange Niali
-1 Str, +2 End, -1 Con, +2 Per
Sweetflower Pluck the leaves Edged
-1 End, -1 Con, +2 Foc, +2 Per
Sweet Groundmaple Peel back the stem base
Sweetground Maple
Umber Basil Scrape off the stem pith (see also chaffa which is red and belongs in this list)
Umber Basil
-1 Str, +2 End, -1 Con
Yellow Tristeria Pick out the seeds
Yellow Tristeria
-1 Str, +2 Spd, +2 Con, -1 Per