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Welcome to Funtasy's little bit of the wiki. It aims to put the FUN back into Egypt through hosting Player Run Events and allowing the opportunity to role-play! Here we hope to post a forthcoming list of events, interviews, discussions and competitions.

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What is Funtasy?

Funtasy is one of ATITD's 'microphones' or chat channels which broadcast to the whole of Egypt. As with all the microphones it is a moderated channel and abuse is not welcome. To join type /join Funtasy

Our aims are to make the dullness of grinding evaporate, to make you smile and more importantly to involve everyone who plays. Getting tired of your friends leaving then tune in and get involved to help banish those sad feelings. angry at the way the telling is going and that no-one is getting involved and helping out? Then do not moan, come and join us for some merriment.

Remember... We cannot have fun without you. !

Our founder was Elfus (who sadly has since left the game) who wanted a channel where people could have their own events (as distinct from dev events and story) that brought some FUN into Egypt. Funtasy has tried in the past to host its own storyline and introduce characters who are separate from the Official eGenesis story line. We also brought you The Male Oprah Show with cory0210.

Occasionally we like to have RANDOM discussions and chats on various subjects. These are just to get people TALKING to one another. Recent RANDOM chats include: 'What is your favourite guitar solo' and 'favourite Beetles track'.

Events and Event Coverage

Upcoming Events

The SRACSO awards.

A light hearted and good humoured celebration of the personalities of the Tale (whether currently active or not). I will be trawling the forums and wiki for ideas. No prizes will be awarded aside from the honour and glory.

Possible award categories include 'Translator of the Telling', 'Best newcomer to ATITD (male and female), 'Best name for a monkey/otter'. Yes some of the awards may be tongue in cheek so please do not be offended.

Past Events

Saturday April 24th 2010 - Iron Chef - Queen's Retreat FuntasyMic/EventIronChef



Coming soon

Possible topics include (and we need volunteers for this- hint hint) are masterclasses on raeli mosaics and veneries.


Early in the telling Elfus started a number of competitions (with prizes) based on a number of subjects. Past subjects included Ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology.

We intend to start this again with Stevehotep acting as quizmaster. There should be prizes and we will post what they are going to be here. Please note that it is likely that prizes will be donated by players. We hope that it will be the spirit of taking part rather than the prize that will encourage you.

End of Tale Quiz

To be announced.