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Guilds/Dems Digs

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WELCOME to Dems Digs

We are a Sinai based digging guild located at 3249 4332 (just south of the CS)

We are open to everyone so come and join, but we do ask a donation of 100 boards and bricks to help guild expansion

Planned Digs

Date Dig location Time
19th August (Wednesday) Personal GH site 3249 , 4332 Sinai 8pm GMT, 4PM EST, 1PM PDT
22nd August (Saturday) Baux GH site 3249 , 4332 Sinai 8pm GMT, 4PM EST, 1PM PDT


Our digs work in the fashion that one or a few people pick up the stones for the whole dig and at the end we divide them all equally between everyone. Food is always provided, but we do need your donations.

Dig sites

The main dig site is located at the guild GH 3249 4332 Sinai

Bauxite dig site is at 4122, 5389 Sinai facilities on site

Gypsum site is at -2249, -469 Khumn facilities on site


we currently have;


11 Rock saws

8 Mason benches

Carp bench that is upgraded

charcoal fired clinker vat


We always need donations for food and upgrades and reward your donations with stones from the guild store.

Currently we need donations of;

Food - Chives, Dwarf hogweed, Perch (but please note all other herbs and food are needed)

Materials - leather, oil, copper sheeting


Copper & Sapphire Mine at coords 4142,3702

Iron & Quartz Mine at coords 4127,3670


We can Provide good quality shovels, but they must be returned at end of dig!