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Guilds/Flavored Bacon Conspiracy

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The Flavored Bacon Conspiracy is dedicated to finding Favored Beacon Activities (FBAs) for the purposes of passing the Test of Beacons. As such, membership is generally open to players who have signed up for the Test of Beacons.

The Favored Beacon activity changes roughly once an Egyptian week, but not at the same time as other "weekly" activities, such as thistle requests and ant leaves. The actual time alternates between two settings: 7 Egyptian days (2 days 14hours 40 minutes (or so) 'realtime') and 8 Egyptian days (2 days 22 hours 45 minutes (or so) 'realtime'). This allows us to predict when we can expect FBAs to change and focus efforts on longer 'weeks'.

Once the FBA has been conclusively determined, announcement on public channels will be made.

Favored Beacon Activities

Because Guild chat scrolls as quickly as it does, to minimize redundant testing of possible FBA's, what follows is a checklist of things to try, organized by type. Please note this is not all-inclusive and please feel free to try whatever isn't on the list. Likewise, activities will likely be listed that will never generate a beacon, but since we have so little data to actually go on, it is impossible to eliminate specific entries. When adding activities, please also ensure that the blank template is updated as well, so next week we can test the activity again!

On Testing

You can test anywhere, but if you have access to an unconfirmed number of non-public buildings in the general vicinity (thought to be 30% or more in a 64-coord radius, based on previous Tale data. This may be wild speculation.), you will not attract a beacon, but you should get a message in main with something to the affect of A beacon altar was almost attracted to you, because you did the favored activity in the last hour. However, you own too many of the buildings in this area. You are at home.

If you have summoned a beacon in the previous week or participated in a beacon ritual in the previous day, please do NOT test! You will not be able to summon a beacon, nor will you receive a message if you do perform the FBA for the new week.

Beacons can appear up to one REAL hour after the activity is performed, so keep this in mind when testing.

Potential FBAs

This Week's Activity: Fertilize a lily

Tested for week ending 10/09/09 appx 14:09 GMT
Agriculture, Flowers Tested
Fertilized 1158am
Agriculture, Grew Tested
Barley 1255pm
Cabbage 1222pm
Carrots 1225pm
Cucumbers 1228pm
Eggplants 1238pm
Flax 1249pm
Garlic 1208pm
Leeks 1212pm
Onions 1214pm
Agriculture, Other Tested
Beehive, checked 113pm
Beehive, collected honey/wax 113pm
Citrus tree, Mulched
Citrus tree, Gathered honey 116pm
Citrus tree, Gathered fruit 116pm
Fertilized a date tree 114pm
Nicked a tree 117pm
Gathered Tested
Cactus Sap 120pm
Clay 122pm
Coconuts 1250pm
Dates 114pm
Egg 123pm
Flint 122pm
Mud 125pm
Palm Frond
Red Sand
Resin 117pm
Sand 126pm
Sheep, wild
Silt 1244pm
Sulfurous Water
Tadpoles 127pm
Thorns 131pm
Water 127pm
White Sand
Wood 117pm
Livestock, fed Tested
Camels, straw 201pm
Camels, honey 201pm
Chickens 1257pm
Sheep 1231pm
Snakes 202pm
Livestock, killed Tested
Sheep in a pen
Sheep, Wild (successfully)
Sheep, Wild (failed)
Skill-based Tested
Carved 232pm
Foraged an herb (successfully) 245pm
Foraged an herb (failed) 248pm
Lit a firepit 258pm
Made a stone blade 245pm
Mounted a fish
Prospected for marble
Skill-based, Ecology Tested
Acidity, tested for
Heavy metals, tested for
Phosphorous, tested for
Soot, tested for
Structures, Used: General Tested
Acid Bath
Beer Kettle
Brick rack 907pm
Carpentry shop 908pm
Casting Box 856pm
Charcoal Hearth/Oven 825pm
Chest x
Forge 902pm
Glazier's Bench 928pm
Grain Oven 945pm
Kettle 1003pm
Malting Tray
Mason's Bench
Pigment Laboratory
Pottery Wheel
Raeli Oven
Rock Saw
Star Rack
Tub 111pm
Watermine 911pm
Wood Plane
Structures, Kitchen Activities Tested
Ate a meal
Cooked a meal
Cracked a coconut
Crushed a cabbage
Crushed seeds into oil
Made fertilizer
Shredded a carrot
Structures, Miscellaneous Tested
Drank from an Aqueduct
Maintained a structure
Salvaged a structure
Judged a(n)... Tested
Beetle Garden
Empty Hand Puzzle
Raeli Gliderport (heh)
Test-Related Tested
Acro, taught facet
Mushroom, eaten from the earth
Shrine, tithed at
Travel Tested
Chariot, Free travel
Chariot, Regular
Expedition Travel
Navigated to a waypoint
Wings of Horus
Vintner's Craft Tested
Tended grapes
Crushed grapes
Bottled wine
Drank wine 1011pm
Miscellaneous Other Tested
belly danced
poked another player with a sharpened stick
ate an herb off the ground
lit a firework
lit a ritual torch
registered as a watcher at a star lab
polished a stone phoenix
meditated at a common altar
smoked a hookah
bought Kartal and Sefet some tacos

Blank Template for next week

Historical Tracking

Previous Weeks' FBA