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Guilds/Garden of Eden

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Welcome to the Garden of Eden

The home of flower power and the science of mutagenics

Guild Info

Our Guild Hall is situated in Meroe a little north of the Chariot Stop at 818,-3628.

We are all about the research of plants and flowers and breaking the genome structure to recreate to our own design.

Our members are spread all over Egypt and we work together to make this a more beautiful place and more potent, with better beers and wines and egyptian heaven with the improved flax.

Compound with tools in Heaven's Gate -2194, 6398.

Missing Mutagen Moss Alerts

A mutagenic moss must have all the positive attributes listed but cannot have any of the three negative attributes listed. Besides must having all of the positive attributes, it can also have any other attributes that are not one of the three negatives.

Example: Positives: Hairy, Mottled, Striped Negatives: Calico, Spongy, Spotted A correct moss could be Dry, Hairy, Mottled, Striped or Hairy, Fuzzy, Mottled, Reticulated, Striped. A wrong moss would be Hairy, Mottled (it is missing Striped) or Hairy, Mottled, Spotted, Striped (it has a negative Spotted in it).

Saqqarah Positives: Crackly, Slimy, Smelly  Negatives: Fuzzy, Hairy, Mottled  Contact Ariella

Flowers Released

Sea Lilies at UWorships

  • Blush - Shabbat Ab
  • Clarity - Sinai
  • Crown - Cat's Claw Ridge, Falcon Bay, Heaven's Gate, Khmun, Pyramid Lakes
  • Energy - Event bulb
  • Fracture - Queen's Retreat
  • Morning - Nomad's Paradise, Saqqarah
  • Silken - Event bulb
  • Vampire - Adn, Meroe, Stillwater

Rose of Ra at UWorship

  • Goldenleaves - Pyramid Lake
  • Pantomime - Adn
  • White Giant - CCR,SW

Viticulture - Vines at UWorship



We help out all regions with their research into the technologies to acheive the above stated goals.

Targeted Techs:

  1. Advanced Chemistry Target is NP
  2. Advanced Horticulture Target for Khefres donations is Khmun , Scorpion's Brood needed in Khmun.
  3. Cross Breeding Targets are NP and SW.
  4. Gardening Target is NP
  5. Herbiculture Target is CCR.
  6. Mutagenics Target for donations is Adn needing Perch only and HG and SA.
  7. Xenobotany Targets for donations are Meroe, Saqqarah, QR and Heaven's Gate (Dirt,Water in Jugs, 3k Perch/Tilapia/Catfish)

Aquaduct guilds

Adn Adn Aquaduct Association Pump location 871 6373 S of Pi bridge W side of Nile
Meroe Keep Pumping Pump location 810 -3436 S of SThought
NP Pump Location -798 2664 PL Pump location 4071 6629 run south to lake, then west a little
SA SA Waterworks gh 1461 1942 SArt/UBody
QR QR Waterworks gh 54 -6191 SBody
Saq Pump location 1298 -767

Full Tech Tree for Mutagenics (Completed in Saqqarah,Meroe,PL)

(Donatable in Heavens Gate)

  • Herbiculture Worship
    • Advanced Horticulture Worship (Kh, Sinai, FB, NP )
      Also makes Xenobotony available
      • Horticulture Worship (All Complete)
      • Agriculture Worship (All Complete)
  • Crossbreeding Thought (SW, NP, FB)
    • Viticulture Worship (All Complete)
      • Blacksmithing Art & Music (All Complete)
        • Metallurgy Harmony (All Complete)
          • Mining Architecture (All Complete)
            • Animal Husbandry Worship (All Complete)
    • Gardening Worship (Sinai, Khmun)
      • Horticulture(duplicate)
  • Advanced Chemistry Thought (Stillwater)
    • Advanced Glassblowing Art & Music (FB, Sinai, Khmun)
      • Glassblowing Art & Music (All Complete)
        • Controlled Burn Body (All Complete)
      • Basic Chemistry Thought (All Complete)


Bouquet Genetics


Understanding Beer

Flower Fertilizer


Guild Mines

Guild Mines

Still under heavy plant construction!!!!

Mutagen Labs

Donations needed of:
Silver Powder, Resins, Mosses with 3 or more attributes


Mushroom Ecology Tests

Ecology Tests

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