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Guilds/One Less Ear!

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Welcome to One Less Ear!, location in Stillwater 2338, 2839

There are many people who enjoy the arts of this game, and many who think they can't create art but would love to give it a try. This guild has been set up to encourage every region in Egypt to flourish in arts and crafts.

We have experts in Beer and winemaking, sculptures, cp building, flowers, blacksmithing, glass blowing and pyrotechnics to assist in teaching.

Subguilds will be built in each region to create magnificent gardens and play areas and any other ideas people come up with. If you want to represent your region and manage a subguild please chat me so we can get this project underway. tyvm Subguilds will be open to anyone who wants to participate.

It is up to each representative of their region to organise their subguild but we are here to run by ideas and brain storm generally and plan teaching sessions.


PS if anyone finds anyone who would like to teach anything at all (with a few limits;)) please let us know. I think the more teachers the better so we can get a really regular timetable going.

Regional representatives are:

  • ADN: MAMteles
  • Pyramid Lake: ? saicosis
  • Cats Claw Ridge: looking atm
  • Sinai: looking atm
  • Stillwater: Hanid and Subira
  • Nomad's Paradise: PetruxII
  • Shabbat Ab: Pacer?
  • Khmun:Philadelphia
  • Saqqarah: Justin
  • Falcon Bay: Eigam
  • Meroe: Pyx and Kuupid
  • Queens Retreat: Dreasimy

Our Specialists are:

  • Ariella: all things flowers
  • Eigam: Winemaking ( not to mention everything else he can do)
  • captdanjou: Pyrotechnics
  • Dreasimy: Games
  • TheMazeEcho: ? gemcutting, beer, cp design.....
  • ellorin: yeller and spammer atm...
  • MouseD: beer
  • Glassblowing: prays for Zomboe atm
  • Blacksmithing: Oniyuki
  • Philly: does trees and adds cheer and goodwill
  • Daniels: Running and writing macros. Making alloys (check my user page for 100% Alloy screenshots!)
  • Senbi: Who has kindly offered to keep the wiki up to date and maybe glorify it and plan tuition timetables ( Super goddess)