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Guilds/Shabbaolin Monks/Bastet

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Shabbaolin Monks is a guild on Bastet shard at Shabbat Ab region.

We are near ULead (after moving away from UThought). This is indeed a special and quiet place for living.

Contact tehm or Verix about joining if you live nearby. However, be aware we want this to be a small tight-knit guild.

Member List



  • ---



  • SourdoughJosh

Raeli Colors

Gray (Shabbat Ab)

Location: Shabbat Ab (599, 1027); Used Resin: Folded Birch

Baking Time
Color of Tile
0 White
1m Snow
5m White Smoke
12m Linen
14m Gainsboro
22m Light Grey
29m Silver
39m Dark Gray
54m Rosy Brown
55m Gray
1h 11m Dim Gray
1h 26m Dark Slate Gray
1h 51m Black

Guild Resources

Using Mayanah's custom google map pins

from Madi: Madi: Iron Mine at 1331,1377 has 20k ore an a huge quartz in it. Madi: Copper at 1227 1377 (empty) Tin 1223, 1357 (10k ore) Madi: Copper 1235, 1309 (8kore) Iron 1306 1364 (empty)