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Guilds/Shabbat Ab Vineyards (SAV)/Wine Cellar

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SAV maintains a detailed listing of all the wines we produce. Your bottle will be labeled SAV, followed by a name and number. The name should tell you the minimum alcohol content and other important information. Specifics, such as flavors, number of bottles produced, and what vines where used can be obtained by chatting Elouamn. The number indicates what batch the wine was made in; earlier numbers mean earlier batches.

SAV Exceptional- 100 Block
Guaranteed to be at least 10% Alcohol, a mixture of assorted grapes.
An adventure with every bottle, SAV Exceptional are low-production batches that could be the greatest wine you ever had...or not. The only way to find out is to pop the cork.

SAV Red- 200 Block
Guaranteed to be at least 10% Alcohol
Our standard, but still great wine. SAV Red is for those who want a fine drink without breaking the bank.

SAV Silver- 300 Block
Guaranteed to be at least 12% Alcohol and of at least two different vines
The next step up, SAV Silver meets the Beginner's Wine Book "High Alcohol" requirement and is great drink to go with any meal.

SAV Gold- 400 Block
Guaranteed to be at least 13% Alcohol at of at least two different vines
For the sommelier or anyone who enjoys fine wine, SAV Gold is a great choice that gives quite a kick.

SAV Black- 500 Block
Guaranteed to be at least 14% Alcohol at of at least three different vines
It's said that the only thing Sami and Wahim can agree on is that SAV Black packs a punch. A great wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift or something to savor every moment of with friends and family.

SAV Singular - 800 Block
Guaranteed to be of just one vine, at least 10% Alcohol
For flavor aficionados, SAV Singular uses grapes from a single vine to guarantee the prefect flavor for your wine notebook or ambrosia.