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Guilds/Sinai Projects

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Sinai Projects is dedicated to completing regional projects for the benefit of all of Sinai.

The Guild Hall is located @ 3191, 4386, behind the Chariot Stop on a sand dune.
Donation warehouses are located in front of the Guild Hall by the road @ 3184, 4378.

Please leave a note with one of the Elders if you make a donation, or update this page on your own.

Completed Regional Projects

Sinai's Essence of Harmony

Located @ 3207, 4354 next to the Chariot Stop.
A special thank you to bortox and MaddieJ of Adn for donating fronds toward Sinai's EoH.

Sinai's Deep Well

Located @ 3083, 4329.
Please see details about how this public deep well operates!
Many Thanks to Inshepsut and the Nile River Guild of Queen's Retreat for donating 500 leather!!!!

Sinai's Shrine of Conflict

Located @ 3221,4356 next to the Chariot Stop.
A special thank you to Rabble and ScupperArbuckle for helping with this project from outside the Sinai region.

Sinai's Aqueduct

Check page for detailed information.

Current Regional Projects

None :)


Actual status available at Sinai's Research page. Researching new technologies is supported by Sinai Research Co-op