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Guilds/Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

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Current Project - Enlarge to 200

Project WH at 1454, 1945.


   * 20370/70,050 Boards
   * 30,269/140,050 Bricks


1) Only paid players will be allowed to join the Hive.

2) Quit/expired accounts: Quit/expired accounts should be removed from the roster to make room for new members as often as possible.

3) Spamming: Members who spam (defined as using characters/chatter/ranting in such fashion that it scrolls the window quickly and impedes other normal chat) should be dealt with quickly. An elder should mention the problem in the admin channel to get the opinion of any other elders who are on at that time. An elder should then chat the member who is spamming and give warning, screencapping this conversation. If after receiving the warning the member does not cease the behavior, the elder should boot the member as soon as possible. If the member booted seems likely to stop the behavior in the future, the subject of possible readmission of said member can be addressed afterward in the admin channel, perhaps having it put to vote.

4) Abuse: Members who are abusive or offensive to the point that it impacts the enjoyment or conversation of other players may be voted out of the guild. Any elder may call for a simple vote (no special majority needed - just more yeas than nays) for this purpose in the admin channel, providing screencaps of the offensive behavior when possible. The voting period will last three days (so absent elders have a chance to show up and/or discussion about the vote can take place). Obviously, we've allowed cursing and sexual innuendo, and what constitutes "abusive or offensive" differs according to the individual, so this discussion is necessary to prevent frivolous use. Though opinion may be sought outside the admin channel, ultimately, the definition (and hence ruling in the matter) is at the discretion of the elders.