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Help:Herb Image

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If you want to upload an image of an herb click the Upload file (must be logged in) in the Toolbox in the left menu.

Please make sure the Image name you upload is the same as the name of the herb, if you know it.

(The Image name you select for the uploaded copy does not need to be the same as the name of your local image file.)

In the Summary box of the upload page add a line like the example below:

   * Known: {{Herb_Image|Blue Bottle Clover|Peel back the stem base|_SingleLeaf|_Blue|_Clover}}
   * UnKnown: {{Herb_Image|Unknown|NOT 1,2|_MultiLeaf|_Yellow|_Striped}}

the Default Herb category is added by default, and the subsequent (pipes after Herb_Image|NAME|METHOD|) are Subs to Herb Category so ONLY type _SingleLeaf. NOT _Herb_SingleLeaf.

    • Herb_Image = Name of the template Do NOT change!
    • NAME = Name of the Herb
    • METHOD = Method to forage the herb.
    • _SUBCATEGORY = additional Herb_ Categories to add to the image (ex. _SingelLeaf). You can add up to 6 of them. Please be sure to spell them right, else you will accidentally create a new category.