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Hybrid Vines

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Work in progress...

Hybrid Vines and their Tending Tables

Vine Starting
Hue Pheno Notes
Zaniac #88 12 White GQV Table Complete, Better than Zaniac#130
Zaniac #99 9 Light Red GQQ Table Complete
Zaniac #130 11 White GQV Table Complete, Zaniac#88 Has more starting grapes.
Zaniac #177 8 Light Red ACGK Table Complete
Zaniac #178 11 Light Red CQKS Table Complete
Zaniac #217 12 White QQQS Table Complete, Appreciation with extra sugar mutation
Zaniac #218 12 White GV Table Complete
Zaniac #219 8 Light Red GQ Table Complete
Zaniac #220 8 White GQQ Table Complete, Zaniac#99 has 1 more starting grape.
Zaniac #221 9 Light Red GQQQ Table Complete, Appreciation with extra grape mutation
Zaniac #271 12 White QQQS Tend Table same as Zaniac#217
Zaniac #272 9 White QQQS Tend Table same as Zaniac#217, Less starting grapes than Zaniac#271 and Zaniac#217.
Tedra #69 9 White ACGGV
Tedra #240 12 X GQSVV
Tedra #264 12 X QQQQQS
Tedra's Prime 11 Light Red GGQQSV Renamed, was Tedra's #266
Tedra #311 9 White GQQQQQ
Tedra #320 12 X GQQQQSV
Tedra #356 10 Red ACCGKKKS Testing to full harvests for Tannin
Tedra's High Q 12 X QQQQQSV Renamed #388
Tedra's Tannin 12 Red ACCKKKS High Tannin for some spirits
SouperGrrl #1 10 White QQQQS

Appreciation + Balance

SouperGrrl #2 8 X GQSV Appreciation + Contemplation
SouperGrrl #4 X X QQKS Contemplation + Appreciation
SouperGrrl #9 X X QQQSSS? SouperGrrl#1 + Injeru#8
merek #12 10 X GQQQS
merek #17 8 X GQQQSV
merek #18 11 X ACGGSV
merek #19 10 X ACGSSV
merek #20 10 White GGQQQV
merek #23 9 X GQQQSV Same as merek#17, but with one more starting grape
merek #37 12 X ACGQQSSV
Hepnezr#1 8 X GQQQ Possibly same as Zaniac#221 with less staring grapes
Hepnezr#2 12 X GGQQV
Halana#21 12 X CCKKKSSSS
Forgiving #3 9 X GVV
Nunzia #2 12 X QK
Kanara #5 9 X GQQKSS
Kanara #6 8 X GGSSV
Nunzia #1 12 X QQQKS?
Brucette 2 12 X ggqv
Zaniac #535 12 X ACQQQ
Injeru#8 10 Light Red ACSSS Genetic order seems to be SSSCA
Spicecate Nectar 8 ACQKSS Balance with extra sugar
Spicecate Sunshine 9 GGQKSV Plenty of grapes with quality and sugar
Orcinus Vine10 12 Light Red QQQSSS Table Complete - Doesn't line up the Q and S as well as QQSSS
Orcinus Vine11 11 White GSSSSSS Table Complete - Averaged 214 Sugar
Orcinus Vine24 8 Light Red ACGQQSV Table Complete - V lines up nicely, get a bunch of tends
Orcinus Vine29 8 White ACQSSSV
Orcinus Vine39 10 White GQSSSSSS
Sweet Mistress 12 White CGQQSSSSVV? Going by the tending table this is actually QQSSSS - Mortality
RosieRazor#1 12 X GQQQSV
Almelkehdes #2 8 ? GQQQSSV Table complete
Almelkehdes #5 8 ? QQQQSSV Table complete
Almelkehdes #24 12 White GQQQQSSV Table complete
Almelkehdes #32 aka Almelkehdes Sugar Vine 12 ? GQQSSSSS Table complete
Mortality49 AKA Mortalitys Merlot 12 Red ACGQKS Table Complete (needs Checking).
AmonWil #8 12 White CQQQQSSV Table complete
Aphenro's Q Ball 11 White ACGKQQSV Well rounded with an extra Q. Table complete.
Aphenro's Voyager 10 White VGVGVG Building block for crossbreeding.
Aphenro's Tannin Bomb 11 X CKKVGVG Huge numbers of grapes and tannin.
Sagen #13 9 White GQQQQSSSV
Sagen's Star 9 White GGQQQSSSV Was Sagen#20
IaruHetep's White Fire 12 White GQQQQSSV was IaruHetep #28
Eigam Apricot Juice 8 X GSSSSSSSS
Eigam Orange Juice 8 X GSSSSSSS
Pascarella Honey Sweet 9 X SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (Holly Shit +84 sugar-- Rags)