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Ore Extraction

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Taught at School of Architecture
Allows the operation of mines (not needed to build).

Higher levels allow more ore to be gathered per pull, allowing more ore to be gathered before the mine must be repaired.

note: Be aware that the "memory game" is very very hard. It's hard enough to get pick the colors from a Copper Mine already and to get the benefit of the extra levels you have to remember the previous pull locations. If you pay for extra OE levels you many not be able to do the "memory game" manually. If you can't then all you get is the regular 3 per pull. There are some Macros that may help but I haven't tried them yet. --ShuoftheFieryHeat 19:07, 7 March 2009 (EST)

I mine manually and do the OE 3 memory game (remembering 2 pulls back) in my head for copper and iron faster than my base strength/perception can keep up, with 95%+ accuracy, so it's not impossible. Iron is easier than copper. --Inkoaten 02:35, 15 March 2009 (EST)

Level 1

Unlocked at level 4

Level 2

Level 3

Unlocked at level 6

Level 4

Unlocked at Lvl 10

Level 5

Unlocked at Lvl 15