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Principles of Leadership/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Principles of Leadership

Note: This was copied from T4 main and needs to be confirmed for Bastet.

Convince 21 people to sign your Leadership Initiation Petition.

  • Visit a School or University of Leadership to receive an initiation petition.
  • In order to pass the initiation, you must accumulate 21 *different* signatures on this petition supporting you as a leader.
  • You can sign your own petition, but Peasants and trial accounts cannot sign.
  • When you have the required signatures, turn the petition in at a School or University of Leadership.

Once you pass the principle, you will gain a level and will also be able to sign up for the seven Tests of the Leadership discipline (provided that you meet the level requirements).

Level Required: 3

Demonstrating the Principle

Be the Founder of a guild which 21 fellow citizens consider their primary guild.

Demonstrated by Beak in Shabbat Ab on 21-Feb-2010