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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Link to Main Shard Recipe Page


Please be considerate and use the format shown when entering recipes.

Trying to cook with more bases than your level allows for will display a "the flavors are muddled" message when cooking.

Food Coordinates

Work is ongoing in the Food_Data/Bastet page

May 18, 2010 Bastet Food Coordinates

  • We currently have 218 herb locations mapped. There are 34 rare herbs remaining. If you have them and want to contribute to the completion of the Food Coordinate Graph, chat with Ari or Talimar. There is a viewable and stashable herb warehouse at 950, 1330 in Shabbat Ab.

User Cooking Data

Talimar's worksheet used to generate herb coordinates including stats

With some of the 6:1 pairings that we try, we only get the stats of the base (poor stats could also be because of long distance on the food graph). It has been determined that those pairings will provide additive stats if we use a 4:3 ratio. The 4:3 pairings can be viewed and updated here

Cooking Ingredient Database

Masterpiece Pairs