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Sheet Glass Fabrication

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Sheet Glass Fabrication is a special skill that affects a player's chance of success when trying to make Sheet Glass in a Glazier's Bench. It is not learned at a school or university, rather, it is learned by attempting to make sheet glass.

Each time the player successfully finishes working a sheet of glass, one of three things will happen:

  1. The glass will break and be lost, but the player's Sheet Glass Fabrication will rise by a point.
  2. The glass will break and be lost, and no skill will be gained.
  3. The crafting will be truly successful, with no breakage but no skill gain either.

Sheet Glass Fabrication ranges from unlearned (effectively 0) to 7. A lower skill means greater chance of breakage but also a greater chance of skill gain when a break occurs. At 7, the glass never breaks, and you gain the option to make mirrors by fusing Silver Powder to a piece of sheet glass.

Note that crafting any glass item can always fail if the bench's temperature gets too high or too low. That is an entirely separate mechanic from breakage, and this skill doesn't affect it in the least. Also, pieces lost due to bad temperature do not help raise this skill.

Note: Making Sheet Glass is not possible using Soda Glass