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Q: Is there a single page where we have listed all the techs open in each region?

We had a great page in T3 that listed everything on one page - so you could see which region had the most items open at a glance. It was in a table format. I dont know how it was created or how it was maintained but it was terrific for knowing where to go for Tech Runs.

The Research Page is not very good at showing you what is already un-locked. Plus sifting thru each region to see what is open is not ez to figure out.

Update: I just found the page: Research_by_Region

once it is open I think it is no longer "research" and should be listed on this page, this page currently is little more than a manualy updated catagory page --strutter 00:58, 23 December 2008 (EST)

The page Research_by_Region now has a really great table listing of what's been opened or on a timer which is great. So, is it the page name with "research" in it that is the issue? If the name of the link bothers you, it could be changed to something else using the linkage rename feature [[Main_Page|different text]] . Of course the real name of the page would still have "research" in it. --shuofthefieryheat 16:19, 4 January 2009 (EST)

Q. Is there a list which shows technologies as they are available by level??? I have been unable to find it if there is.

Check the Levels page.