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I am a simple wine grower from the eastern island of the Delta in Adn. My winery is called the Adn East Delta Vineyards. At present I produce between 300 and 350 bottles of wine, over 13% alcohol, in 20-25 vintages of many flavors per Egyptian month. It is my aim to be the largest producer of quality wines in all of Egypt. Through the Egyptian Wine and Beer Consortium Guild, I am in contact with other major wine producers to perfect the art and provide plenty of wine to the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. You are more than welcome to visit, I always have a bottle opened in my winery for visitors (right next to the big Funerary temple across from the S Thought, you can't miss it). If you grow wine, please send me a chat and join us at the Consortium, or if you are just interested in wines, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Group Region Coordinates
A Adn 949, 7213
B Adn 909, 7091
C Adn 915, 7140
D Adn 951, 7100
E Adn 1028, 7310
F Adn 981, 7386
G Adn 945, 7278
H Adn 926, 7225
I PL 2167, 7151
J PL 2222, 7194
K Adn 750, 6358
L HG -1672, 6266
M Khmun -968, 692
N Sinai 3245, 4373
O FB 4286, -738
P SA 1442, 1867
Q NP -1442, 2837

Flavors Developed

Tier 1

Carmelization, Floral Notes, Fruit, Microbiological Smells, Pungency, Vegetables, Woodiness

Tier 2

Carmelization, Floral Notes, Berries, Tree Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Animal Smells, Coolness, Heat, Cooked Notes, Freshness, Burned Smells

Tier 3

Butter, Roses, Raspberry, Cherry, Peach, Apricot, Horsey Smells, Menthol, Hot Alcohol, Green Olives, Bell Pepper, Menthol, Smoke

Almelkehdes Vine Information

Click on link below for list of my crossbred vines, their phenotype, and links to tend charts for the successful ones.


# Region Coordinates Metal Gem # Region Coordinates Metal Gem
I PL 2125, 7224 Copper Quartz XXI Khmun -930, 665 Iron Quartz
II PL 2158, 7215 Copper Quartz XXII Adn 1118, 7427 Titanium Quartz
III PL 2125, 7277 Copper Ruby XXIII Adn 1083, 7502 Titanium Quartz
IV Adn 1957, 7230 Iron Quartz XXIV Adn 1048, 7415 Titanium Quartz
V* Adn 673, 6710 Sand Diamond XXV Adn 1729, 6887 Lead Quartz
VI Adn 1716, 6813 Iron Quartz XXVI PL 2166, 7208 Copper Quartz
VII Adn 1645, 6746 Sand Topaz XXVII PL 2003, 7313 Iron Quartz
VIII Adn 1753, 6751 Iron Quartz XXVIII PL 2033, 7339 Iron Emerald
IX Adn 1747, 6763 Iron Quartz XXIX PL 2039, 7347 Iron Quartz
X Adn 1740, 6776 Iron Quartz XXX* Adn 673, 6825 Sand Topaz
XI Adn 1709, 6760 Zinc Quartz XXXIa SA 1559, 1896 Aluminum Quartz
XII Adn 1701, 6748 Zinc Quartz XXXI PL 3925, 7799 Sand Topaz
XIII Adn 1695, 6740 Zinc Quartz XXXII SA 1010, 1649 Sand Ruby
XIV Adn 1685, 6739 Zinc Quartz XXXIII SA 1000, 1646 Sand Ruby
XV Adn 1677, 6729 Zinc Topaz XXXIV SA 1018, 1654 Sand Ruby
XVI Adn 1764, 6771 Zinc Quartz XXXV SA 980, 1682 Tungsten Quartz
XVII Adn 1754, 6885 Lead Quartz XXXVI SA 971, 1689 Magnesium Quartz
XVIII Adn 1752, 6876 Lead Quartz XXXVII* FB 4900, -1069 Copper Quartz
XIX Adn 2117, 7268 Copper Quartz XXXVIII* Adn 631, 6759 Zinc Quartz
XX Khmun -941, 668 Iron Quartz

* - denotes claimed mine
Bold - denotes automated mine

Raeli Ovens

# Region Coordinates #Colors Colors
I PL ? 15 White, Snow, White Smoke, Linen, Lavender, Gainsboro, Lt Grey, Thistle, Silver, Dk Gray, Rosy Brown, Gray, Dim Gray, Dk Slate Gray, Black
II Khmun -974, 683 17 White, Ghost White, Alice Blue, Lavender, Pale Turquoise, Powder Blue, Light Blue, Light Sky Blue, Sky Blue, Cornflower Blue, Dodger Blue, Royal Blue, Steel Blue, Dk Cyan, Teal, Midnight Blue, Black
III Adn ? 16 White, Snow, White Smoke, Linen, Lavender, Gainsboro, Thistle, Plum, Orchid, Rosy Brown, Pale Violet Red, Gray, Dim Gray, Dark Slatel Blue, Dark Slatel Gray, Black

Sign at the End of the World

Discoverer Date
Daedilus 28 MAY 2009
Raia 16 JUN 2009
Keopec 28 JUL 2009
Alentisca 20 AUG 2009
DustiTwister 20 SEP 2009