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Level 29, Journeyman of the Human Body. Legacy, Prentice of the Human Body.

Hell yeah I'm proud, can you tell?

The Player

I found ATITD during Tale 2 from Apple's download site, and being as I'm a fan of Egyptian things I tried it out. It was my first exposure to an MMO and I loved it. I was too shy though to really get involved, so things quickly got difficult for me and I quit. I wish I had stayed but I gave it another shot with the third telling and fell in even more love with the game. Played both betas (fun!) in addition to the real thing. I ended up leaving T3 too: friends stopped playing plus there was a death in my family and it became too much to keep up with.

I will finish this Tale. Really! I will!!

I like working on passing tests. I enjoy helping out with community projects. I'm always happy to answer questions when I can. Basically, I love this game. I don't have as much playing time as I'd like but I do as much as I can. Feel free to drop a line and say hi!

I'm hoping to really get into the Art & Music this time around; I've never hit the tech level necessary to do the fireworks and mosaics and gliders, etc, but I really, really want to. Music is a RL passion for me and I'd love to see how that translates into the game. I like doing worship tests because you have to work with lots of other people. Love doing Pilgrimage - running around the countryside is immensely more amusing with a group of people than doing it alone. Had a blast. Vigil is okay, have only done it sporadically before but I love the idea of it. Looking forward to trying out the other worship tests.

I like doing body tests because they're easy, but I hate that they take so much time. I'm indifferent towards architecture, though I tend to do obi because it's relatively simple. I'm going for a cut stone one this time around. I like doing others' thought puzzles but have never made one of my own beyond what was need for the T3 principle. I love puzzles, although I just don't understand EH even after reading the wiki guide.

I've done harmony tests. Did marriage, and the benefits kicked ass!, but never passed because we both stopped playing. I'm one that thinks when you do the marriage test you should be working as a team with your partner, NOT just doing your own thing and using your normal passes to help pass marriage. Taking the chance to participate in this test was the best decision I made all last tale. Hated prophet, thought it was stupid and mostly because I felt like I was never going to get the chance to pass. It's like a lottery for passing a test, bleh.

I do love to role play and try to RP Choltai as much as I can.

The Character


Student of Architecture
Student of Harmony
Student of Leadership
Student of Worship
Journeyman of Body


I try to live honestly, to give help when and where it's needed, to always live up to my word. I'd rather decline outright than to let someone down. I try to live with kindness, with humor and light heartedness. I go with the flow, give others their space. I mercilessly tease and love my friends, I am devoted and completely loyal to them. I stand for what I think is right and won't give in to wrong, I won't back out of a fight. I'm always willing to have intelligent debates and I will listen with an open mind - turn to meaness or rudeness and you will have lost me forever.

I tend to waste time, avoiding daily chores and doing the bare minimum each day on the tests I have chosen. Not lazy, but slothful. I am easily distracted and will jump from one thing to next before coming back around to finish the first. But I finish. I can be annoying: singing in chats, chattering about nothing which prevents others from their work. I giggle too much. Sometimes I am stubborn and unyielding. I make mistakes, I put my foot in my mouth, I do the wrong things. I try to apologize when I realize I've done those things.

I am 5'5", in my sandals at least, with medium toned skin from running in the desert all day, light build. Legs to die for, did I mention all the running and climbing I do?, long hair I keep up out of the way for working, and green eyes to take in all the beauty I see around me.


Before I even arrived to the borders of Egypt I decided I wasn't going to settle in Khartoum. My grandmother spoke of so much love and happiness as well as the unendurable sorrow her life saw there. I thought, I should start where I have no ties. I did briefly consider her original home, Seven Lakes, but could not bear the hilly terrain or it's place in my family's history. I was turned around for a bit when I arrived to Egypt as the regions were changed from what I learned when I was young: Seven Lakes turned into Shabbat Ab and Khartoum into Queen's Retreat. A retreat ... my family had retreated from there because it had turned into hell. Oh, the knots in our lives.

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